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  1. Apart from the ppl already listed here I’d say Zoe Saldana. It’s not about FreeBritney but I always loved the way she spoke about Britney and saying she respected her a lot and how Britney treats ppl well.
  2. Her last tweet is quoting when Lou Taylor said ‘We don’t comment on aliens impregnating people or what Courtney Love says’ which is what Lou said in response to Courtney’s claims about Jamie which always struck me as a very curious and tbh grotesque response to a very serious allegation (sorry idk how to put tweet in here). I hope when these ppl are exposed/not protected we can find out more about what’s happened behind the scenes in Hollywood, obviously a lot went down with Courtney too and I wonder what other celebs are victims we don’t know about. I think Lindsay had a lucky escape.
  3. Awww! Remember in a super old interview from like 99 maybe Britney put Natalie as one of her fave musicians or something? Or maybe it was like who she was currently listening to, love it coming back full circle
  4. Ok I stan her but I can’t believe it was only 2 mins after all that lmao
  5. Can ppl stop with the ‘why now? She wants money’ stuff? Kelly Clinger said if ppl knew the hate she’d received for saying anything they’d understand why ppl aren’t coming forward. Then we are like ‘why isn’t anyone coming forward’ like...can’t have it both ways. Also this woman revealed to the world her father abused her, that takes guts and it’s not ok for anyone to say she should’ve come forward earlier or whatever, the fact she’s said anything at all is amazing.
  6. Ooh hope I can see this overseas, she’s so brave - a legend! Wish Allie Sims would also come forward, she absolutely knows more about this family too. Come through Queen Leigh Ann, I hope she is safe!
  7. Kelly did a podcast ep (I think called Back on Air with Jarod Lipscomb or something) and talked about this, she wouldn’t say who was at the restaurant for respect of their privacy. Honestly I didn’t think it sounded like the more famous ppl like JT were there but more like ppl from her MMC days, which is still really nice. She did say she knows JT family tried to help Britney ‘at least in the beginning’ but said it became clear nobody could get to her or something. Also she said if people knew how much hate she’d received over coming forward with stuff they’d understand why more ppl don’t come forward. I really don’t understand why fans are attacking someone like her, it’s extremely annoying that ppl who can help like her are getting trashed and then turned off saying anything. We need to support everyone who can help. Save the vitriol for scum like Lou.
  8. Do you mean when she said something like ‘I am angry and I will go there’? because I always thought that was a curious phrase. Also back in 2019 when Ingham said Britney is against everything being hidden away like the ‘family secret’ or words to that effect. That article was horrific and I’m so sad for Britney’s aunt, what a true nightmare this family is - and to think it all seemed so innocent and pure when BOMT came out, who could have ever guessed Britney came from such a dark past/family it’s weird I always thought Britney had a good relationship with June and he kind of spoke against her hospitalisation in 08, maybe past guilt got him. I also found it interesting Lynne was the one who immediately believed Brit’s aunt, wonder if her experience of the Spears men showed her what they’re capable of. Also it 100% sounds like Brit’s grandmother was murdered, I remember reading of the suicide and the weird way it was said she pulled the trigger with her toe...mmmmm I share the suspicions of the aunt and uncle. What a nightmare.
  9. Agreed, JTs actions all round were awful. I’m not here for this sudden narrative that he was trying to help her because in over a decade he never said a word publicly until everything was already exposed. I know that Kelly woman is close with his family so of course she’s gonna be nice about him but I find it hard to believe he was stressed about her when he was trashing her publicly.
  10. Same when Nikki DeLoach appeared on a Britney podcast, she’s super close with JT and also said about Wade and said something like ‘I thought it was a bit of a dog act because JT and Wade were friends’ - but never mentioned JT infidelity. I was glad when one of Britney’s old makeup artist appeared on the podcast (can’t remember her name) and wasn’t going to talk about the breakup but then when she heard Nikki had said about Wade she said ‘Well since Nikki spoke about it first I’ll say I’m pretty sure they were both dogging each other’ and said she remembered Britney being upset about one of the All Saints girls. I’m sick of Britney getting all the s—t for it when they obviously both cheated.
  11. Mmmm lol ok now everyone was trying to help her. But JT shaded her heaps of times since then, but we’re to believe he secretly wanted to help behind the scenes? Please. If anything this makes it worse they all knew something was off and never said anything, publicity changed this entire case and ppl like JT never said a damn word (until after the doc when all the work had been done by fans). I don’t mean that Kelly person because she doesn’t have a huge platform but if she’s saying all these famous ppl knew stuff in 08 and said nothing that’s pretty horrible. I absolutely believe all of Hollywood knew about this and obviously didn’t care enough to ever say anything.
  12. Can’t put into words how much I despise this sack of filth and out of respect for her boys I will restrain but I will say he played a big part in robbing Britney of the ability to properly mother her children and that is unforgivable. It might be all sweet to the boys now being with the cool Dad and hanging out with him and his loser stoner *** friends but losing out on their relationship with their mother the way they have is the kind of thing that can really come back to damage a person in their adult years. I hope that doesn’t happen and I hope Britney sees more of them ASAP but K-Fed is completely beyond redemption in my eyes and as bad as Jamie.
  13. Errr it isn’t ‘evident’ and it’s pretty funny if she had bipolar to be put under a c-ship with a claim of dementia.
  14. I love Midnight Fantasy and Prerogative, Believe is also yummy. Hell yeah Jamie s ouuuut so soon I can restock my bottle of Prerogative without guilt lol
  15. Omg was it really Alli?! pls come back and plllls tell us if you’ve been in contact with Rosengart re the Lynne drugging B claim. Thank you for speaking up! Edit to add - ‘one thing to take it without her knowledge’ - is this alluding to possible stealing even before c-ship?
  16. It reads like someone who is bitter they got outshine by a bunch of fan activists tbh. I’m still sure the media ignored all this abuse purposely for the past 13 yrs until they really couldn’t. Probably bitter a bunch of Britney fans showed them up.
  17. I always love how openly repulsed she is at that woman who asked for a kiss
  18. Good thread, she always seems to know a lot and have good insider information. I still think it’s so interesting Lutfi tried to trash her and say she bullied Britney like Perez when she’s always posted pro Britney. Makes me think she has dirt on him so he wants to discredit her. I also thought her saying they would be stupid to put Britney on the stand because she could be asked ‘Please tell the court about growing up with your father, please tell the court why you didn’t want him as conservator’ was interesting, might be just me but it sounded like she knows more specific details than the general public that would be extremely damaging for team con. And she obviously has inside details on that Costa Rica trip because I only remember the media posting on it in a positive way (unless I’m forgetting lol), so sounds like Britney hated it.
  19. I’d love for Britney to write a book one day like she said in For the Record. If she wants to I hope she does, and yeah idk with Allie! I hope she speaks up without the threat of NDA now.
  20. I did, but I like Framing and Controlling better. I don’t want to hear about 07 again UNLESS someone ever actually gets the guts to look into stuff like Eardley claim Kaplan & the LAPD colluded, who called in the 5150s, why the second one was reportedly planned days in advance, Allies claim about Lynne drugging Britney, Britney’s visit to Blaire Berk, how/why Sam Lutfi was inserted into B’s life, the tactics used by Kevin/Kaplan in the family court to coerce B etc. There’s soooo much to look into but they continually rehash the same BS.
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