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  1. Hmmm love her in Friends but what a pathetic, disappointing and self centred response, also quite arrogant. Reminds me of Lorde ages ago ‘I won’t go off the rails because my parents raised me right’ bs - fk off! Most of the celebrity responses to this have been soooo disappointing and show what a gross vapid industry it is and that celebs only seem interested in supporting causes that will benefit their media image. Also saying Britney lost her sanity is so disgusting, I wonder if she would say that about any other celeb.
  2. This makes sense as to why Sam L keeps fervently defending K-Fed on Twitter and telling ppl that points what scum he is they’re ‘not real fans’...
  3. I don’t know what to make of Sam. He’s liked things on social media that have turned out to be lies and misled fans, but at the same time to even be near Britney he must have signed a million NDAs etc. I want to believe he is the real deal but I’m reserved on him. I certainly don’t automatically believe Britney is posting on IG because he comments on the post, but I don’t necessarily think he’s bad either because of his past posts. Her best bf was David Lucado and I think it’s so obvious now they got rid of him because he probably encouraged Britney to stand up for herself & said that the c-ship was wrong. He even said the c-ship was not needed way back then, that’s a real one who cared about her.
  4. I have read some quotes from this is in an article from 08 but never seen the entire thing laid out like that, and I wasn’t aware it was sent only days before the second c-ship was put in place, highly disturbing. Also the article didn’t mention the quote about Kaplan and the LAPD conspiring against Britney together. It’s obvious now Britney was conspired against by the LAPD, Federline and Kaplan, her family/management and the LA courts -what chance did she have?! No wonder it’s so protected, SO many ppl are implicated. Crossing paths with K-Fed in that club was about the worst thing that ever happened to Britney (apart from the misfortune of having being born with Jamie Spears as a father). Unfortunately falling for and trusting this man really loved her when he was a user who was after nothing but his meal ticket, but I don’t think any of us could have anticipated how disastrous it would be and how low he would sink (I know Britney wouldn’t regret it because she has her beautiful boys and I don’t mean anything against them). The entire thing is just sickening.
  5. Ugh yuck. Just goes to show that Sam commenting on the topless pics doesn’t automatically mean we should trust Britney is the one posting.
  6. This reads like a PR piece for Simon Cowell. I think he has questions to answer over why he was ok with someone working for him under such abusive conditions. Don’t forget that other guest judge saying she was so heavily medicated she had to go off set at times, and everyone was just ok with this? Now we’re supposed to believe this was bringing Britney out of her shell, lol fk off. As for ‘overweight’ coming from these ugly fks...GTFOH!
  7. He’s annoying af but interesting he says she didn’t have access to her money even then and he paid for the wedding...fits in with the stuff the assistant said in The Sun the other week.
  8. Exactly, I’m not really sold on Sam either way. He’s been super supportive lately which is awesome, but he’s also posted stuff to support what we now know were lies (like her vids saying all is well etc) however we don’t know what kind of NDA etc he’s had to sign to even be near Britney all this time so I’m really neither way on him, he obviously makes Britney super happy. Even when ppl say ‘he’s K-Fed 2.0’ ahh well so what? Lots of famous ppl have to pay huge support to their ex, Mel B has to pay that disgusting ex husband who abused her something crazy every month. What she has to pay Kevin every month in child support (which I’m sure to a degree she’s fine with because it helps her children) is nothing compared to what she’s paid for this BS c-ship AND what they’ve obviously allegedly been taking from her all these years.
  9. I hadn’t heard the part about the dog before, that is so heartbreaking that Britney was obviously so distressed in that s—thole they had to bring in an anxiety dog for her. There’s something so sad about thinking of her sitting alone with only the dog while her entire family is at her beach house without her (although tbh a dog would be much better company than her family). Also far out Vivian is vile, absolutely loved Rosengart saying he was appalled by her.
  10. The tweet from Lamby about Jamie taking over Britney’s life as revenge for his smoothie shop going bust without her giving extra financial support...fkn hell
  11. Pretentious POS. Britney didn’t ‘enter into the arrangement’ stupid, embarrassing fool, she was literally forced into it through a hostile takeover like Adam Streisand said at the time. I actually despise 99% of Hollywood after all this. Disgusting pieces of garbage that will preach at us but ignore the rampant abuse in their own industry.
  12. Kinda agree and getting a bit scared as to what is coming next tbh. The vibes are all off in these photos and they’re obviously old since has been pointed out in other posts she looks a little bit heavier and more pale recently (not meaning that in a judgey way). I really hate where everything is going and I’m worried for her up until September, Matthew better be ensuring she is safe!
  13. Agree 100%. It’s like Harvey Weinstein, that everyone knew about but no one said anything.
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