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Expectation: Glory Medley on the AMA's..........Reality: Slumber Party/Superlove Medley

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Just now, joe sp said:

Can you blame her? I can totally see this happening! :NYsassy:

i'm not blaming anyone for having an opinion :rude2me:

it's just that that i personally find it strange that people are preparing themselves to dislike something that might not even happen.

people do that a lot around here. 

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21 minutes ago, OutrageousMoi said:

We don't know if Britney is going to perform on the AMA's yet, but there is a huge possibility. 

Will you be here for Slumber/Superlove medley? I don't know about you guys, but I'm done with Britney sharing the stage and not promoting her album. 

I'm really over her promoting other artists instead of her amazing new album :wannadie: 

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