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  1. Last night at Miley's Lollapalooza set, she performed in front of a big video screen with "FREE BRITNEY" So happy to always see her standing up for the Free Britney movement. She's no longer signed with RCA and move to Columbia. I don't think Larry is her manager anymore either so that's always good news as well!
  2. everything britney released after circus is not good
  3. i just want to hear some input from other fellow britney fans about this. what is one thing about britney’s personality, mannerisms, career, legacy, or anything else that really makes you love and idolize her? for me, i’ve always loved the fact that britney has always been such an inclusive pop star in the industry. everyone loved and continues to love britney. you meet a britney fan from every background, race, ethnicity, etc. she connected so many people together and she never made anyone feel excluded from her circle. everyone could be a part of the britney experience! what are yours?
  4. also i hate contributing to this theory but if it’s britney writing this, i’m happy. if britney did not write that caption, i’m still happy because it still speaks on everything people know is going on. and it is positive!!!
  5. on a positive note, she looks so happy. and you can tell she is having fun dancing to this song! one thing i love about britney is that she is such a positive person and that radiates over to anyone who sees her dancing, smiling, laughing, acting silly with her boyfriend, etc. despite everything she has gone through / continues to go through. i love her so much 🥺
  6. I hope she can keep her relationship with sam completely private. whether they are married or not, it's no one's business
  7. the only song from itz that i skip every time but the single cover was cute. i like the photo they chose of her.
  8. i think it may have had something to do with production costs. when she was traveling with all the dancers, stage equipment, etc i’m sure they had to make some budget cuts as far as what props could be used or couldn’t. when she was specifically just in vegas, there weren’t moving fees so they could make it more elaborate. just my opinion!
  9. I've never seen this interview before? This is only a clip but this is by far the most bizarre thing I have probably ever seen in my entire life? Jamie Lynn is dressed as a grape and when she's asked who inspires her music, she said her mother and her business manager Lou. Didn't mention Britney once......has anyone seen this before or know the context? I'm so confused lmfao
  10. this is something i think og britney stans who were there since the early days could really relate to. i am 24 (almost 25) now and remember actually realizing how enormously impactful britney’s career was when i was maybe 4 or 5 and i found my sister’s britney (2001) cd. i remember following her career from there on. she was so lively and fun and being a fan of britney spears felt so natural. it was heartbreaking seeing 2007/2008 happen but i remember her going on the m+m’s tour and even in the scummy paparazzi videos, her personality was there. i remember when the circus era started after the conservatorship and we knew she was stuck from the for the record doc but her personality was still there but when femme fatale, britney jean & glory had become part of her career, i remember constantly trying to explain to others that it wasn’t the same britney i fell in love with but it was almost like no one got it? and i had this deep feeling light would be shed on how different britney was. she was a robot. she looked scared. she had no confidence. can anyone relate and do you ever remember no one else getting it? or people around you not having a deep enough understanding of britney and her situation to realize she just wasn’t the same human being? i’m curious to hear opinions on this.
  11. I still cannot get over the fact that Britney spent a majority of young 20's taking caring of Jamie Lynn, making sure she was safe, comfortable, and successful..meanwhile this leech of a sister is using any way she can to make money from her sister's struggle and abuse. "they've done a pretty good job at exploiting my life" - britney
  12. from my perspective, I'm sure britney was struggling with anxiety and depression as early as her breakup with Justin in 2002 but I'm sure all of the media scrutiny after having kids, divorce, losing custody probably made things worse and lead to post partum. britney even said herself in for the record that she believed she was suffering from PTSD. and I'm sure in 2007 her mental health was beginning to crumble and she was exhibiting signs of bipolar disorder (can't confirm obviously but I'm sure her family used her wigs and accents against her to make it seem super out of control) and I'm sure they used that against her to get the conservatorship together. I will say though that I don't think britney ever struggled with drugs or alcohol. I think if anything britney was being given those things from handlers and it was spun in the media to fit the "unfit" narrative. but again, it's her business and we will never know. we don't really have any business knowing what Britney struggles with.
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