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Britney's best hairstyle per era?

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I know we have similar threads posted somewhat frequently, but personally I never get tired of remembering and appreciating all of Britney's flawless looks over the years!

Here are my picks for best hairstyle per era:

1. BOMT: 




3. Britney:


4. ITZ:


5. BO:


6. Circus:


7. FF:


8. BJ/POM:


9. Glory:


Your turn! :bwink: What are your favorites?? :)

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Baby One More Time and Glory are the best in my opinion:lustney:

Baby One More Timeney's hair color is gorgeous and she had the cutest hairstyles and Glory has the long wavy **** beach hair and that really suits her:feelingmyself:

An honorable mention is Blackout because I love her with dark hair. She's really **** in the Gimme More video

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4 minutes ago, Kuzco said:





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but seriously I love that photoshoot that she did back in 2013 



her hair was gorgeous here , specially the color , not too dark , not too bright , the perfect color


Haha I literally just was posting about that second pic; it's absolute perfection and I was shocked that Glenn Nutley was the stylist! (Usually he looks like he'd be the culprit behind the first pic :yesokay:).

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1 hour ago, Steel_Magnolia said:

What era is this?

She needs this stylist back. I loved the whole look. And the confidence.

I guess this kind of still counts as FF era? Since it was after FF but before BJ/Vegas.

You'll never guess the stylist though. Glenn ******* Nutley! http://www.glennnutley.com/celebrity/

According to his site, he even did the absolutely amazing "OUT" magazine photoshoot. I'm honestly shocked to suddenly find out that he's created some of her best looks in the past few years. 

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