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David Dickhole Fapelle screaming at Britney, "Don't Be A Smartass!" While Shooting MM


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5 minutes ago, COCKy™ said:

Oops. I was trying to reply.  

@Froot But no major media outlets are reporting on this theory though..

I've only heard them report that it was scrapped because "Britney felt it was too ****."

But she doesn't have any problem being **** in 2016, just look at her :D

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2 minutes ago, BOBIBCFB said:

i dont hear any of that. i think britney just didnt want to release the video (like when she shot the too **** scenes in WB and decided to take them out) and so they re-shot a tamer version 

But they didn't completely reshoot WB though.

In fact, I don't belive they reshot any of it.

She just took out some scenes to my knowledge.


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2 minutes ago, COCKy™ said:

But they didn't completely reshoot WB though.

In fact, I don't belive they reshot any of it.

She just took out some scenes to my knowledge.


bc she was into the rest of it - just not some of the scenes. there was a lot to work with - the dance scenes, the pool, ect. the original MM video as a whole was pretty intense so she prob just decided it couldnt be saved and started over.

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What I interpreted: 

-the guy Britney is sitting on is moving his arms aka driving the tractor most likely into the house which is why David directs the dancers to "run away!"

-Britney doesn't seem to like all the humping going on and shouts "I don't like it!"

-David ignores her

-Britney's hand does the motion of "lol Ok? Did I not say anything? ignore me then"

-She calls him *******

-David notices Britney is out of character so finally decides to say something 

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On 10/08/2016 at 8:25 AM, Mayenaise said:

"I need to go to the mall, can't I just walk past..."











You have Britney Spears in ur ******* garden you silly **** no you cannot go to the ******* mall :bichpls:


Someone find ha address and remove her ******* voice box pls :NYdisgust:



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27 minutes ago, Isla. said:

Oh dear...

By the looks of things he is a very controlling person. And not very likeable either. Maybe it was for the best?

Couldn't really hear much but that is deffo Britney screaming 'YOU *******' at the end.

That's exactly what I'm saying -- it WAS for the best.  He IS AN ******* !  Let's not forget the scandal surrounding her not wanting to finish the music video for Everytime (which he also directied.)

@BOBIBCFBThe original video was too **** that literally NO piece could be salvaged ? Come on now .. visually it looked a lot like "3"<--- which btw, she recorded while she was a mom.  That song's meaning alone debunks the excuse that MM was too sexualized.  

This needs to be pinned or something so the fans can know the truth about the scrapped video and stop praising the original like it's her best video ever because D!cksmoke Fapelle doesn't deserve the attention nor the coins. :tiffsmoke:

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On August 10, 2016 at 7:24 AM, COCKy™ said:

You can't ?  After the men jump off the tractor and run away, it's right after Britney slams her hands against the window and says something.  I can clearly hear it.

Can you desipher what she responds with?  It sounds like, "NO I'M IN CHARGE *******!" or "I STARTED IT? *******!"

But idk.

Yeah I heard I'm in charge *******

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15 hours ago, suitechicguy said:

I hear her say "*******" and "idiot" at the very end. She did not seem to be playing around either.

I hear her saying it too, and I'm wondering wtf is wrong with half the members here who are saying I'm just hearing what I want to hear.

I'm praying they at least get one of their senses heightened since they've obviously lost their hearing. :tiffdrink:

And I can't telll if she's saying "IDIOT" or "**** YOU" at the end.  But it sounds just like she used to say "**** YOU" in the old pap videos when she really meant business.


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4 minutes ago, ICouldntThinkOfOne said:

If someone is hired to do a job, is rude and fails to work with those who hired him, and then delivers a video that doesn't make sense considering everything they went through, yes.

How unfortunate. I heard that Britney didn't want to finish Everytime because of him too. But she looks so happy and alive in the video, so I still wonder what actually happened between them then and now

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