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Finally starting to hear make me on my radio station!

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1 minute ago, Glu3d said:

What is a radio station? :madonna:

Here in France I think I heard it like 3 times since it came out.

NRJ and Fun Radio are not promoting the single. They are too busy promoting Major Lazer, Calvin Harris, etc.

I will admit.. cold water by JB Is a bop:myjam:

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3 minutes ago, patr!ckjean said:

I hear it a lot on my station, which is actually really unlike them to play her so yaaaay. 


I'm a little salty about it being 67 on the Hot 100 now though. 

Yeah it's unlikely on mine as well so them playing is like omg.  I really do hope she does the VMAS and then the song will blow up same with carpool karaoke 

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