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So when is make me going to get actual repetitive airplay regularly


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It needs to break into the media base top 20 in order for it to get more airplay, since it'll be classified as a "medium hit". In order for that to happen, it needs to requests, but people aren't doing that because they're still disappointed over the video. Btw it's a number 22 right now

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5 minutes ago, Derek08 said:

I haven't heard rise. Make me has more regular AirPlay than that

When I turn on the normal everyday radio. You know your own local radio stations in the car.. I have not heard make me. I've heard rise 2-3 times now the last two weeks.   Even though britney jean  Was a flop album work ***** was all over the radio. Top 40 airplay evert day for a good while.  Make me there is none of that.  It's a shame. It's a good song.   

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