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Found 12 results

  1. The album cover is just ‘kunttt’; it serves major ‘elegant babe with a ho’ glow’ vibes! Hidden gems: No Trix, No Games - I Wish - Watcha Talkin’ Bout!
  2. I’m talking popularity and legacy wise. I feel like she really is the most known Spice Girl out of the four despite all of the controversies regarding her voice and role in the group - aspects that are brought up only by stans because the general public seem to “worshiping” the Beckham family. What do you think?
  3. For kids of already famous people, it's the how do you plan to Carry on their legacy. Cameron asked Brooklyn Beckham, why photography, why not Music (his mother's main legacy in the US), or soccer.. Brooklyn candidly said he did soccer for 15 years, but everytime he made a mistake, he got looks and stuff like it was already supposed to be In his genetics (they do mention all the kid's inherited the beauty gene from Both sides of the parents). So he left as the pressure of being the son of David Beckham and not living it up to his dad's standards, was too much.. This was promotion of a photography book, he abandoned it, I guess cos reviews from the public and the media called it the most Vanity project, all about his family.. So he became a chef and we'll he's considered, in a VERY bad category of the worst nepo kids. Even the spice girls fans said it best, ,he's 23, his parents already made careers and basically already had a name for them at 23 This is the black sheep as Romeo is already on his way of being a soccer star. Cruz has the music Gene, and Harper might be the fashion designer, so some fans of Both parents said obviously Brooklyn is the black sheep as he didn't inherit what is being assumed, the other 3 are carrying the legacy, he's the one that gets to create his own, even if he adopted his wives last name as well..
  4. I never knew this song existed but I’m glad I do now ! I wanted to share it on exhale in case you didn’t know it existed either . Xoxo
  5. Her appearance by fans and critics is getting more praised, compared to basically mild mannered and lady of the manor Geri Halliwell.. Which sources say is behind the rumored break up again. Spice girl Geri Halliwell (49) is pretty much done with the group due to judgemental fans preserving an image of her from 1997 when she was 24 to 25, as the way Geri is supposed to be nearing 50. She's had it, this time according to the sun, the fans are to blame. Geri wants to be respected for getting older and being graceful but when your fans are basically between early 30s and early 40s, it is very hard to please them as most refuse to accept society norms or the fact that Geri is okay with getting older and doesn't hold the views she had in her 20s.. The other girls might be okay with being the same way we met them especially mel B, but Geri isnt and she wants to be a role model to tell females it's okay to get older even though society and environments every where makes you feel less important to a girl in her 20s, which forces you to compete even if you get depress cos you lose yourself. And as for Victoria, Melanie C pretty much proved why she left the industry, the other 4 had their mics on and Victoria rarely got solos due to a lower vocal range than the higher registers, I guess Mel B secured her bag as the main girl with a low regi8fir beckham to only do background vocals.. But some speculate that was intentionally planned cos with 5 girls, one will always be the odd girl out and that was Victoria Beckham. @Slayer @jordeezy
  6. In 2008, Victoria Beckham launched her fashion designer days. At first a success, but it's coming out, that she's pretty much broke, her husband is carrying the net worth.. So what happened, simple she basically got a foot in through being a pop star, and unlike Jessica Simpson and other pop stars turned designers.. Hers was actually like some critics said, not really welcomed.. Especially if you looked at how cartoonish Victoria was during the posh Spice days of the 90s.. The company is basically surviving on the money of shareholders. Nobody is really asking for her to design outfits anymore, it's even embarrassing to say at the height of her brand, she had shops are luxury malls, but she was the first to quickly be liquidated out. People lost interest fast They are more interested in her as a pop star than a fashion designer. And a whole wave of Spice girls fans are watching the clock and counting the days til she rejoins her girls and appreciate the fact that she is only ever gonna be see. As a pop star and look back at this era of her career and laugh and say what was I thinking???
  7. In this interview, Ross asks Victoria why she keeps trying to sing, about her weight and other cringy topics. Do you agree with Ross?
  8. To celebrate Pride and the 25th Anniversary of Wannabe, The Spice girls along with former Member Victoria Beckham teamed up for a Charity T Shirt. "Proud and Wannabe your lover" is the charity T Shirt, and all proceeds go to a British LGBTQIA+ Charity. Will you be getting one?
  9. Justin Bieber sent Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham a pair of lilac Crocs from his 'House of Drew' line. WELP, she'd rather die than wear them Exhale, would you rock these? Related:
  10. Her humour She's a big Spice Girls fan btw! The video Jade was mimicking:
  11. Iggy Azalea shared teased a new song titled "Posh Spice," Victoria Beckham's Spice Girls name. Victoria Beckham 'opens' the song with: And that is followed by a verse from Iggy: The song is produced by J. White Did It ("Sally Walker," "Started" etc) I'm excited about Iggy's new music she always releasing a bops And this one's no exception. What do you guys think?
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