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Found 13 results

  1. In this interview, Ross asks Victoria why she keeps trying to sing, about her weight and other cringy topics. Do you agree with Ross?
  2. To celebrate Pride and the 25th Anniversary of Wannabe, The Spice girls along with former Member Victoria Beckham teamed up for a Charity T Shirt. "Proud and Wannabe your lover" is the charity T Shirt, and all proceeds go to a British LGBTQIA+ Charity. Will you be getting one?
  3. Justin Bieber sent Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham a pair of lilac Crocs from his 'House of Drew' line. WELP, she'd rather die than wear them Exhale, would you rock these? Related:
  4. Her humour She's a big Spice Girls fan btw! The video Jade was mimicking:
  5. Watch out Brooklyn Beckham, a new Beckham is here to prove, your reign is almost over, his younger brother Romeo, which is a dead ringer of his Mama Victoria, the face is so Victoria with blond hair.. My friend Kevin basically said both Victoria and david had the best Gene's and the kids benefitted the same photogenic Gene's as mom and dad. Even Cruz is beginning to show the benefits of good looking parents pay off. Can't wait to see how Harper grows up to see if she's her mom's mini me. Congrats, Romeo. Side note Vogue is being called out for the boys will be boys tag line. Nobody is blaming Romeo at all.
  6. On their exclusive Vinyl edition of The iconic Crazysexycool (only album to go diamond by a girl group in the US, FanMail is coming close, TLC are watching the streams of No Scrubs and I pretty closely since RIAA allows that to go towards Album certs), But Rough Trade, an independent shop in NYC, while praising TLC, acknowledging the Spice girls were going to happen, they Drag the hell out Of Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice And here's the quote "What a Rock N Roll story of Feuding, success, bankruptcy, premature death (poor taste despite the truth), and gazillions of over the counter sales, but all driven by an amazing amalgam of Pop, Hip hop and Sass. This, Their second album paved the way for the Spice girls with their female empowered songs, But TLC had much more funk and soul than Posh could muster." The drag of Victoria Beckham. None of the others got dragged, I wonder if it had to do with denying the girl group and not wanting to be a Spice girl, is what made this singled out drag happen.
  7. Iggy Azalea shared teased a new song titled "Posh Spice," Victoria Beckham's Spice Girls name. Victoria Beckham 'opens' the song with: And that is followed by a verse from Iggy: The song is produced by J. White Did It ("Sally Walker," "Started" etc) I'm excited about Iggy's new music she always releasing a bops And this one's no exception. What do you guys think?
  8. A next generation Spice wedding is happening. Brooklyn Beckham is Engaged to his girlfriend of ten months, following his Mom and Dad's footsteps. David and Victoria started dating in the summer of 97 and By February of 98 they were engaged and of course Brooklyn was conceived during the Spice girls Spiceworld tour of North America. It should also be mentioned that This pregnancy along with Mel B's was criticized by critics as role models to children the out of wedlock pregnancies was considered bad taste for role models to such a young audience.. To also make some of us feel old, He was in the womb in the video for Goodbye. Many fans expect all her former spice mates minus Mel B will be invited and attend the wedding , it's no secret Mel B has resentment towards her on not reuniting with the girls. @Jordan Miller @Roxxy
  9. The fact that we replaced Victoria with Geri actually makes me happy. The music will be gay, The boys are gonna be gay. Mel B will have to keep the love of hip hop and Rap. On her own solo career. That is if she will finally admit. For once in my life is more iconic than anything on 2000's Hot.
  10. DANE BOWERS has finally come out and said what all The spicers knew all a long. Victoria beckham took it extremely personal that Her collaboration with True steppers and Dane Bowers. Out of Your mind didn't go to #1. It's widely known. Mel B was the first Spice girl to have a solo #1 single in their Native UK. It was announced during The Spice girls final concert of the Spiceworld tour at Wembley stadium that I want you back Featuring Missy Elliot topped the British singles chart. Then Geri got 3 #1 singles and Melanie C got 2 #1's. Hell Lisa of TLC also has a solo #1 hit. Thx to Never be the same again from Northern star. The garage infused R&B dance track was actually expected to top the charts. But Dane Bowers said. Out of Nowhere Groovejet sold a bunch of copies. And It was revealed that Sopie Ellis Baxtor's label. Bought roughly 200,000 copies in the final tracking day. Groovejet wasn't popular on British radio either compared to Out of your mind. How it became a #1 was so a mystery. Our track was virtually everywhere even our promotion was bigger than Groovejet. We were definitely robbed our rightful UK #1 single. Victoria beckham was pissed and basically like mocked by the British press that she failed to get a #1 single in the UK. Even Emma bunton with What took you so long?. Still to this day. Press do remind the public that Victoria beckham is the only Spice girl to not have a British #1 single. That Virgin even tried a chart battle with Kylie Minogue's Can't Get you out of my head. And that was a more humiliating defeat. As Kylie landed at #1. And not such an innocent girl peaked at #6. If anything it will always be in British music mags like Tops of the pops. The biggest Record labels blunders. It will probably be Virgins highest blunder. Thinking a Spice girl had more of an upper hand to take on Pop legend kylie minogue. @Roxxy @JordanMiller
  11. https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/news/victoria-beckham-spice-girls-reunion-tour-earnings-a9544021.html Victoria Beckham made £1.3 Million from last years Spice Girls tour. Which is good. You're probably asking why and How? Simple. Victoria beckham is one of five owners of The Spice Girls Limited Brand. So any merchandise using her image as A spice Girl legally went to her bank account. Plus songwriting royalties. Since The Spice girls were known for writing their entire catalog and the publishing deal splits everything 50/50 between each girl. Now on to the harshest reality. Victoria made more money from her Spice girls days than her own fashion brand. Which it's no secret is basically about to be bankrupt and on the verge of collapse. Which would explain why The fashion week in Paris and new york usually don't have a slot for her brand. Plus a lot of her stores in Asia and other continents had shut down cos A profit wasn't returning. Now wouldn't be a bad time to become posh Spice. Full time, huh.
  12. In the year 2000. The Spice Girls were honored by The British Phonographic industry at the Brits with the prestigious Outstanding contributions to British Music. During rehearsals. Victoria Beckham had a red dot aimed at her forehead. Needless to say. Security removed her and the venue investigation proved there was an assassination attempt that failed to happen. Fast forward to 2002. A huge kidnapping plot was leaked and it involved Victoria herself. To say she was hidden from the public eye for a few months is an understatement. So I will say. She has a huge PTSD when it comes to the Music industry. None of this has happened to her as a fashion designer. So I love Victoria. But obviously for reasos that are valid. It's understandable why she doesn't want to be a pop star. Would you after being failed at Murder and kidnapping. You would do the same thing as your psychological pattern went from enjoyment to actually being afraid.
  13. In 2007 Victoria beckham hosted a one hour special about coming to America. Her sense of himor. Whether it's sekf depreciating (can't be seen in flat shoes in public, wanting final approval of A driver's license photo) to addressing Perez hilton about her *****. Forcing him to touch it so he knows it's real. To making fun of a contractor who said the house was built from the ground up. To making fun of the press for saying she's a *** doll. It's well known She was praised in Spice world for her humor whether making fun of the girls, or herself (the little gucci dress).
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