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Found 14 results

  1. According to TMZ report, Amanda is interested to return to acting and stated the following on a a rival of ‘What I Like About You’ ”I miss them and would love to work with them again. I don't miss acting but I loved this show, so I'd be down to return to acting for this revival.”
  2. Amanda Bynes doesn’t want you to mess with her sound as she previews new rap “FairFax” on Instagram. What do you think?
  3. "Diamonds" by Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael Is here and it's sonically/lyrically unsettling for the ears. Check it out here
  4. Amanda Bynes' conservatorship has been terminated. The judge said “the conservatorship is no longer required” and that “grounds for establishment of a conservatorship of the person no longer exist.” Amanda's mother, who was her conservator, was in support of this decision as well. Amanda's lawyer said “we’re all excited and we’re all anxiously looking forward to Amanda living a life as a private and normal citizen.”
  5. THE iconic Amanda Bynes made an unexpected return to Instagram under a new handle to speak to fans and thank supporters just 2 weeks before she fights to terminate her 9-year conservatorship in court. Bynes was first placed under conservatorship in 2013. QUEEN. She also posted two short clips which show a changing in appearance. One displaying her tattoo removal process and the other saying goodbye to her ombré hair. Couldn’t be more happy for her.
  6. I think we need to start a free Amanda movement. it is clear that she has been a victim of conservatorship abuse like Britney Spears, however, it isn't receiving much coverage. I think that this is hindering Amanda's growth and recovery. it is very clear her parents don't have her best interest at heart. does anyone here follow her persianla27 account? and if so, can you post some screenshots of her tweets to help expose what is happening and get more information? I believe through this forum we can bring to light what is going on. I will eventually create a free Amanda twitter account and once it's up, I'll post it on here and hopefully gain a following. Also, she has a court hearing for conservatorship on 9/14 at 10:30 am (7:30 AM EST). You can call in at 855-268-7844. The call code is 12129803#. I believe you have to enter it twice. This is another way to support her and be aware of the status of her CSHIP.
  7. Edit: previously, it was stated the performance happened on April 20, thanks to @Tear the floor up up for confirming the correct date, May 20, 2000
  8. Amanda Bynes put out a minute-long song under the monicker, Precise. It's, um, it's a rap song. That's all I have to say.
  9. Back in March, Amanda Bynes announced that she was expecting, but according to her lawyer it's not true. Bynes is currently in a conservatorship, so she is not legally permitted to make major life-changing decisions such as getting married, hiring a doctor or lawyer etc. She actually reportedly tried to get married to her new boyfriend but her parents, who act as Amanda's conservators, refused to sign off on it. If she lied about being pregnant... that's yikes. Thoughts?
  10. Sigh. Amanda Bynes has gone through a lot over the past several years. It appears she's in a better place than she was, but things still seem pretty rocky for her. She was apparently dating a guy named Paul Michael for a little while. They were engaged (he reportedly bought her $49 engagement ring off Amazon), but after three weeks they split. Amanda is in a conservatorship. Her parents are her conservators. They were not going to allow this marriage to happen anyway. Conservatorships are obviously a hot topic on Exhale. What do you guys think?
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