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Found 9 results

  1. Lil Nas X new track ‘Late To The Party’ is available to pre-save. It’s a response to the BET awards snub https://t.co/mijLdR4HOM
  2. Lil Nas X Raps back after BET Awards snub in new track snippet.
  3. Iggy previews new track on her stories 🎶
  4. On Instagram live Lil nas shared his new track he’s being working on called ‘Trip To London’ What do you think? Should it make the album?
  5. Amanda Bynes doesn’t want you to mess with her sound as she previews new rap “FairFax” on Instagram. What do you think?
  6. Hello exhale So congratulations everyone! a new vaccine has been discovered which will start the Witness era of Miss. Rona and we love to see it However, yall shall still wear your mask, social distance and wash your hands Anyways, lets just into what you guys click on my thread for In the past decades, we have seen various female rappers enter and leave marking their name and impact onto the female rap indistry and basically paving the path for their respective generations. However, the time has NOW come to finally rank them into their deserved positions. Is Exhale ready for the meltdowns and downvoting fight sprees? Then lets go! The female rappers we will be ranking in terms of greatness, success, status and impact are!... Nicki Minaj Missy Elliot Lil Kim Doja Cat Cardi B Meghan Thee Stallion Lauryn Hill Queen Latifah Iggy Azaela Azealia Banks So these are the female rappers you should rank! This a top 10 list so please dont add any female rapper not mentioned in the above list into your rank (This isnt my list btw because mine would be very different lol). If you guys wanna, you can check MY ranking in the hidden contents Hoping to see everyones responses soon!
  7. DMX Suffers Drug Overdose, Is in ‘Grave Condition’ – Report Read More: DMX Suffers Drug Overdose, Is in 'Grave Condition' - Report - XXL | On Saturday (April 3), TMZ reported the legendary Yonkers, N.Y. rapper is in the hospital with a dire prognosis after OD'ing and suffering a heart attack at his home last night (April 2) around 11 p.m. He is reportedly in a White Plains, N.Y. hospital being treated in the ICU. Sources say the rapper may "brain dead" or in a "vegetative state." XXL has reached out to DMX's label for comment on the situation. X has famously struggled with drug use throughout his adult life and spoke openly about it in his music from the beginning of his career. X had seemingly been doing better and getting even more in touch with his spiritual roots in recent years. Prior to the pandemic, he had been touring semi-regularly. He signed a new deal with Def Jam in September 2019, reuniting with the label who he initially signed his first major label deal with in 1998. The following month, in October, he entered into a drug rehab program. Last August, he revealed he was working on his first album in years. Read More: DMX Suffers Drug Overdose, Is in 'Grave Condition' - Report - XXL | https://www.xxlmag.com/dmx-drug-overdose-condition/?utm_source=tsmclip&utm_medium=referral
  8. Khia, the independent Queen of Rap, the problematic duchess of Hip Hop and the dame of Neck and Back, has a new YouTube series starting! Check out her breakout scene at around the 18 minute mark: Khia is playing the auntie who also works at a car repo center. The queen has many talents! Professional dragger: Gagger: And legendary rapper:
  9. Begins very cringeworthy. Two females can't rap. Can't perform. Then left eye and Da brat saved the day. Lil Kim is a studio rapper. But as a live performer. The barbz said it best. She can't rap. She only got lucky due to association with Puff daddy and The Notorious b.i.g. without them. She would have no career. Lisa was being nice. Cos the girl can perform and even outshined TLC on stage. If she performed the way she normally does. Kim would have been destroyed that night. To even outshine your own group while performing. Whether it's unintentional or not. That's a different discussion
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