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Found 5 results

  1. Genie Remix; More scenes, i like more some of the coreographhy and even with the guy at the end that the official one. I Turn To You Remix: More scenes Come On Over; i think there is one without the word "***uality" Dirrty (2 versions); The youtube one and another with more coreography explicit scenes. in the table and in the end. Beautiful (3 versions); -The official -With another storyline of a old woman (another topic ahead of the time "ageing") was in in internet during years, i can't find right now -Censored without anorexia: Can't Hold Us Down (2 versions); The official and uncensored without the brurred parts of some actions of Christina at the end. Not Myself Tonight (2 versions); The youtube one and a censured: The guys don't touch the bo obs here, the audio "**** you" are censored and the fingers of the **** actions have a emojis of kittys, also less "strong" scenes but more church and lesbian scenes. This is the one that they have to put for no being aged restriction (since 2010 actually). I can't find in full right now. Your Body; The one of youtube is the censored, you can see she don't vocaliced "LOVE your body" in the entire video... Oh Casuallity, i think she recorded with the ****/explicit version, the video never appear, the track only leaked (with good quality?) but is not even in the official plataforms. And this obviously;
  2. MUNA - an all Queer trio consisting of Katie Gavin, Josette Maskin, and Naomi McPherson - released their third album tonight, which is self-titled. You can stream the album wherever you choose to do so, but here’s a YouTube playlist: My trinity plus one is What I Want, No Idea, Home by Now, and Silk Chiffon. Consider my gay heart fulfilledT. They really know how to convey Queer longing, joy, and grief in their music. I mean, what a slay! Discuss.
  3. If you are a Lana Del Rey fan, name your favourite song from each of her flawless albums! Mine are: 1. Lana Del Ray: Yayo 2. Born to Die: Born to Die 3. Paradise: American 4. Ultraviolence: Black Beauty (original ) 5. Honeymoon: The Blackest Day 6. Lust for Life: Cherry 7. NFR!: The Next Best American Record 8. Chemtrails: Yosemite (my least fav album ) 9. Blue Banisters: Cherry Blossom I'm curious what are your personal favourites?
  4. Hey everyone I have a few questions, and a few ideas to share. I’m an independent artist, singer/songwriter, composer and producer. I’ve been working on music steadily since 2012, and I’ve been working under the name Thomkat for about 3 years now, though I’ve never toured with my music or released anything officially, beyond a few uploads on SoundCloud. That being said, in this day and age being an independent artist is exciting, and we have opportunities and resources now that were never available to us in the past. My journey with music has been incredible and I’m finally coming to a place where I’m ready to share what I’ve created with the world, so right now I’m working with a third-party publisher and distributer and I’ll be releasing a full-length project onto all streaming platforms sometime in the first quarter of 2021. Something I’ve also thought about recently, is treating Exhale as a platform for sharing music and videos, and also experimenting a bit with different aspects of fan interaction and content creation. For example, something that I think could be really cool is collaborating with users/fans, and creating music in real-time, together. You give me an idea, you come up with a theme, you tell me what you want to hear, and I make it happen, and it’s just for us, BY us. Perhaps even offering to produce commissioned work, in the same way a person can commission a painting or a portrait, I’m imagining an interactive music experience where the artist and the fan are creating music together. Of course artists are inspired by their fans all the time, but this takes it a step further. Now I realize that none of you have heard my music, and I don’t necessarily have “fans” on Exhale, but what I’d like to do moving forward, is to share exclusive content here on Exhale, let you guys into my world, and see what happens. I think it could be a ton of fun to open that door for artists here on Exhale, have our own cute little album-rollouts and promo, countdowns and video premieres, and lots of amazing exclusive content and music that we can all enjoy together. Let me know what you guys think and if this interests any of you! 💜
  5. As a self-proclaimed 30’s Gay, I have to admit a lot of the current ‘Pop’ music trends don’t interest me. (Don’t Come for me just yet, I’m not shading your faves). Growing up in a strictly religious home, and feeling consistently out of place, or never quite right, I connected to Hayley Williams early on, and fell in love my Freshman year of college, when RIOT! was released. Something about the angsty, pint sized vixen was just so endearing. She was a little bit mis-understood, she was in pain, maybe a little bit tortured, but she was determined to get the last laugh. As the years went on for Paramore, their creativity shifted, the band had their ups and downs... but I always Loved Hayley’s song-writing, and the maturity that grew into it. For years I’ve wondered what a solo album from Hayley might sound like— and it appears it was worth the wait. Now, it’s just an opinion, but I think Hayley Williams just delivered some of, if not THE best music of her career. I also think it’s one of the best albums to be released this year so far. I knew from the moment I first heard ‘Simmer’ that this record was going to pack an emotional punch. The song was brimming with dark vibes over that pulsating, dark node. What I was presently surprised by was how unique the collection would be. For the ‘Pop’ enthusiasts out there, Hayley doesn’t disappoint. Songs like ‘My Friend’, ‘Dead Horse’, ‘Over Yet’ and ‘Sudden Desire’ pack all the experimental pop vibes you could hope for in this COVID-19 state of mind we’re all in, well others like ‘Cinnamon’, ‘Simmer’ and ‘Why We Ever’ take a deeper dive into Williams’ post-divorce psyche. Call it catharsis, call it introspective..... Petals for Amor is an album you shouldn’t miss. Thoughts? Also y’all, this is my first “Topic” in Exhale. Give a guy some likes!!!!! Hayley Williams @ YouTube Petals For Armor — Apple Music
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