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Found 8 results

  1. i made a version of piece of me with some scenes like the entrance in the club (is not in the official) from the Remix rought version, and i cut the wig part of the beginning and the last part without the white jacket that she seems no motivated with more scenes from the remix version:
  2. I made a list in Youtube of the first times that Mariah, Britney, *Nsync, Xtina and J.Lo performed in Spain: Notes: apart of these: Mariah she continues coming to perform until Rainbow era) Britney only perfom in Baby era wasn't even in Oops or Britney eras. *Nsync in '98 and 2000 and never again (Justin) Xtina coming to perform Dirrty in a night show and she sing Beautiful in the Spanish version of American Idol inside with them, never again perfom here. J.Lo perfomed Que Hiciste in the Dancing with the stars spanish version in 2007 and nothing more. The Yo Te Voy Amar/Bye Bye medley and the Genie/Genio medley with flamenco in the middle so funnys.
  3. I was post this some moths ago but I reupload with full screen edited. I made this: And this is not only Britney but appear:
  4. I am almost positive that in the state of California it is illegal to record communications without consent from everyone who's talking in it. Google says im right. Did Kfed just break a law somehow if she didn't know she was being recorded?
  5. Genie Remix; More scenes, i like more some of the coreographhy and even with the guy at the end that the official one. I Turn To You Remix: More scenes Come On Over; i think there is one without the word "***uality" Dirrty (2 versions); The youtube one and another with more coreography explicit scenes. in the table and in the end. Beautiful (3 versions); -The official -With another storyline of a old woman (another topic ahead of the time "ageing") was in in internet during years, i can't find right now -Censored without anorexia: Can't Hold Us Down (2 versions); The official and uncensored without the brurred parts of some actions of Christina at the end. Not Myself Tonight (2 versions); The youtube one and a censured: The guys don't touch the bo obs here, the audio "**** you" are censored and the fingers of the **** actions have a emojis of kittys, also less "strong" scenes but more church and lesbian scenes. This is the one that they have to put for no being aged restriction (since 2010 actually). I can't find in full right now. Your Body; The one of youtube is the censored, you can see she don't vocaliced "LOVE your body" in the entire video... Oh Casuallity, i think she recorded with the ****/explicit version, the video never appear, the track only leaked (with good quality?) but is not even in the official plataforms. And this obviously;
  6. Hey Guys, I was on YouTube earlier and got bombarded with loads of Free Britney videos. I think its best if we can catalogue them and or correct them if they are wrong. As well as see who has the biggest reach with the right message about Britney. So post if you have come across any, even if there wrong. Its great to see what the GP actual thought of Britney and the #FreeBritney situation is. The Talko - 8.02Million Subs Phillip Defranco - 6.42M Subs Drama Kween - 124K Subs Without a Crystal Ball - 122K Subs Noor Jasmine - 5K Subs ET - Many Local Variants I haven't watched them all, and i don't intend to. But its a good idea to see how widespread this has become on the platform of YouTube. So what have you see? Who do you think is right or on the right track in regards to reporting the truth? Any you have watched and liked? Any you have watched and disliked? (First topic, be nice ) - Alestaos
  7. Hey everyone I have restored Gimme More (Uncensored Version) video, if you wanna check it out I will put the download link below I'm pretty sure it's better than we had, I tried to upload to YT but it's blocked WW it took me 2 days of rendering the video lol so I hope it was worth it!! Anyways if anyone has a request sound off below!! Link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QpNEmFx8qvtE2lPvMwTjdZ4iB__QEVv3/view?usp=sharing
  8. Can we? Just for the sake of it ya know Theres no such a thing as VEVO certified since when? 2013? But giving the woman her 22nd and 23rd videos above the mark seems so satisfying. Not everry artists has the star power to reach that Both videos are getting 50k average views daily, lets just open some tabs here and there whenever we're sending e-mails cause everybody does that nowadays, amiright? On a side note: I miss the days we used to flood radio stations with requests for Hold It Against Me, Till The World Ends and I Wanna Go yall! Refresh the page for her videos in the first week to boost her chances to get a better position in the hot100... Best time of my life in this forum Anyway, thats it have a nice day yall and be safe from Mrs Rona dont let her get ya, ok?
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