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Found 6 results

  1. You all know how OBSESSED I am when I discover a new bop and I love discovering new music from my fellow Exhalers. So I thought, why not make a thread about it. If you come across a bonified BOP, please post it here. I’d love to check it out! Hope you keep this thread growing. My current obsession atm is this lil bop...
  2. EDIT: THE ALBUM IS SET TO HAVE SOME MODIFICATIONS, SO WHAT HAS BEEN UPLOADED TO YOUTUBE IS NOW TAKEN AS A CONCEPT, A DEMO ALBUM. Hello everybody, some of you may recognize me as a kind of reactive user here. Not long ago I made a post in General subforum, where I published a song, sharing that I'm not okay and how these days in my house in order to not believe in the pain, anxienty and depression, I sat and started remasterizing and recorded some old demos and recorded new songs: This I haven't got the time to do or the inspiration... but now I did it, and I finished the project (I thought this year I was not going to do an album, but here I am) SAD BOPS is a record 100% made by me and with some very talented producers of beats. Lyrics, Mix and voice 100% by me It touches subjects as: false positivity, substance excesses, being in love with a friend (not corresponded), revenge, depression, anxienty, ***uality and the very first song dedicated to Britney (maybe the most difficult to do, It's so hard to do pop pop, and it's a bonustrack cuz the rhythm doesn't matches that music with the previous songs) and as the tittle of the album says, are Bops, good beats. I know I don't have the greatest voice, but singing is one of the things that, once again, saved (or is trying to save) me... Cuz as the main song says, I'm not okay. Life's hard, most of the times not fair. I sing in English, Spanish and Japanese Hope some of you listen to this, I wanted to share cuz maybe, it works for somebody. The album is full on YouTube, and it will be released on Spotify 4th November. 00:00 Not Okay (I Don´t Believe In Anybody Else) 03:15 XSO 05:42 Kisu****ai 08:16 Bi***ual Gay 10:20 Venganza 12:40 Las Voces En Tu Cabeza 15:24 Aves Carroñeras 17:29 Torbellino de KK 19:56 Volví Para Decirles Algo 22:03 Tarot 24:50 En Ti Pensando 27:18 Voy A Encontrarme 30:14 Justice For B (Bonustrack)
  3. You all know how OBSESSED I am when I discover a new bop and I love discovering new music from my fellow Exhalers. So I thought, why not make a thread about it. If you come across a bonified BOP, please post it here. I’d love to check it out! Hope you keep this thread growing.
  4. Hey girls I just wanted to provide a safe space for us Lana Del Rays of Light to discuss our feelings of the already iconic album, Blue Banisters PERSONALLY - I think this might be her best album. NFR is obviously out of this world, but to me it comes across as more of a highlight of Jack Antonoff’s ability as a producer more so than Lana’s ability as a song writer (besides HIADTFAWTHBIHI) Blue Banisters finally puts Lana at the center and we get to hear music that comes directly from her heart, where the main focus is on her voice and lyrics and not the guitar-y effects a la Venice Snitch (censored it for you you’re welcome) I love that this album is very 2021, a year that now to me seems in a way worse than 2020. For me, 2020 there was so much going on that I didn’t get a chance to process the change, but now that time has passed I feel like I am processing and am like oh snap life has changed forever, and for me this album accentuates those feelings like in Black Bathingsuit. Those are my dramatic thoughts anyway. Here is what I think of each track: 1) TB - very very good. The instrumentation was amazing. I know there is controversy for her bringing up BLM but I like that she is able to personalize it. It almost seems like she’s saying her dad was a victim of abuse and that’s why she is enraged by the cruelty towards black people because she has her own understanding of needless suffering at the hands of another. Could be wrong but that’s just how I took it 2) BB - personal, beautiful and one of my all time faves. The ambient sound in the background is very cool and the lyrics are awesome. 3) Arcadia - prob my fav on the album. As someone who moved to LA from a town that I do not feel appreciated me or accepted me in the slightest and then finding my place and acceptance in LA, I really was able to relate to this track. 4) The Trio - something I’ll play when I get a slack message I don’t like 5) Black Bathing Suit - who didn’t put weight on this past year and a half? Love that she talks about that. I have to listen to the lyrics more but love the overall feel 6) IULDNTM - what a great song! Makes me feel like I’m in a Christmas-y dive bar where everyone is singing along together. Great vibes and it’s a great song 7) Beautiful - it’s beautiful. I def have to spend more time with this one but I really like it 8) V4R - tis another amazing song. I love the message. I’ve def changed myself for others and it’s not something anyone should do - unless you are like getting a billion dollars out of it so maybe then 9) Dealer - I’m a basic B and this is def one of my faves. I just lost a cousin to an overdose and ironically the lyrics hit home 10) Thunder - another fav - def a career highlight. I hope she performs this live one day. 11) WW - also another fav - I really relate to having familial anger issues (hey admins lol) and working on not being consumed by my rage and trying to be more gentle. Lana just Getz it 12) Nectar of the gods - a good pallet cleanser after quite a few heavy songs. Def love it and it’s a refreshing listen 13) LL - a v amazing song. Love the way way wahhhhh part at the end. Def can relate to doing a loved one wrong and the agony that comes with that. 14) CB - have to spend more time with this one but I like it. 15) SC - very very lovely. I love my sister and then loved her children even more and in a way feel parental towards them even though they are my nephews and not my kids, and I think Lana feed the same. I don’t think I’m having kids so it’s nice to have nephews and this song makes me think of that. so what do you girlies think of the album?
  5. I have tons more but these are the first that came to mind
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