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Agustín Malandra's "Algo Pa' Recordar" era: Album + Documentary + OST (2020)

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"Algo Pa' Recordar" is between the 3rd album and 1st Greatest Hits of Agustín. It contains early demos from Agustín (2015-2017) remasterized (that may land as new tracks as well), radio video version and 5 previously unreleased songs.

This album was out after the scrapped "Upbeat Pandemic Sadness" proyect, an album recorded in pandemic times which Agustín decided to scrap because of the personal events he went through that time. The previously unreleased songs had a pop/edm & disco sound, who was the main theme from the scrapped album as well. The remasterized songs had a mix of sounds of each era of Agustín previous of publishing his work: mainly pop.

It had 1 promo single and 3 official singles:

00 - Hoy Toca (Radio Mix) - the original track is on the previous album, GEMINI, but it was remastered and re edited.


03 - Ser De Luz - this song is dedicated to her grandma who passed away through pandemic times (more info in the documentary)


01 - Love Is Not In The Air - Is the official fist single of the era, it contains scenes from the docummentary

02 - Shattered Heart - Last Single from the era


The era also had singles out of albums, such as:

00 - MANIFIESTO (2019)

00 - Cronicas Extrañas (2019) ("Strange Chronicles" Latin American Version)

00 - Entre Nubes Con Los Pies En La Tierra (Radio Mix) (2020)



The album was promoted along a homemade documentary "ALGO PA' RECORDAR: EL DOCUMENTAL" where Agustín touches personal themes such as how music saved his life and how he found a way to express them feelings, family issues, love issues, pandemic anxianty, her grandmother passing away (who was like a mother for him). Also it features live homemade performances throughout the whole docummentary.


one of the promo performances incluided on the docummentary:

00 - Bow Down / Liberación Es / Manifiesto (Remix) [Live]

00 - Lo Hiciste Otra Vez (Sol En Géminis Remix) [Live]

Also, the docummentary was published with a OST incluiding remixes of the documentary, live performance, 2 new songs (from Upbeat Pandemic Sadness scrapped project) and a early demo remastered and re edited.

Videos of the "Upbeat Pandemic Sadness" Scrapped album, the vaporwave theme was very present:

01 - TQFND - a chill edm 

02 - Upbeat Pandemic Sadness

03 - Together Then 



to all users: I apreciate all the support you can give me as an independent and autogestive artist: following me on spotify & apple, downloading my stuff, sharing, subscribing to my youtube channel and commenting.



rePUTAción (2021)


GEMINI (2020)


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