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  1. She really did leave her mark on our generation huh! I wonder if she really knows... how treasured she is. #FreeBritney
  2. Man you're totally messed up.... that's all I can say....
  3. You need to take a chill pill love! @jordanmillerrr don't worry about what this clown is sayin', I'm not sure who their referring too when they say "they" got banned? Because "they" need to relies where they actually are..... one of the original Britney sites of this decade lol why the **** would you come here and start sayin' Britney is mental or whatever wake the **** up please! Everyone is a little crazy in their own way it's called a personality haha and Britney is just finding her voice so back off! Go Jordan I'd do the same! if I was the owner, it shows you're humanity and support for Brit! So to you degenerates! #FreeBritney Furthermore don't say I'm a crazy Britney stan, I'm just standing up for Britney, I bet you don't know what it was like growing up with a schizophrenic father (who I adore) he had some really rough times growing up but he came out the other side a functioning happy person and all the crazy (scary) things he did I always loved and supported him, along with my mum and brother. It kills me when I see someone like Brit who has had a really tough time get dragged for being strong and speaking her mind (finally) we need to break the stigma of mental illness.... and Jordan took the first step by muting these trolls! When I was listening to Brit for the first time I was really upset that such a treasured human being could be treated like that in front of the whole world without a single soul to support her, for me it sounded alot like MJ and his dad if your familiar with MJ's life his dad was very controlling and would do anything to get his hands on MJ's money, but Michael was more outspoken then Brit and always called on his fans for support, I think if his family and team had their way he would have had a conservatorship in place years before he died but MJ was a broken man when he passed and that's a whole nother story. So be kind.
  4. MP3 Download : https://drive.google.com/file/d/17pEAIDZFITS0nxu7UH2vVqoGuXhr0X6d/view?usp=sharing
  5. MP3 : https://drive.google.com/file/d/17pEAIDZFITS0nxu7UH2vVqoGuXhr0X6d/view?usp=sharing
  6. Without rewatching it I'm pretty sure the snake is brought on the stage with a dancer, but I know what your talk'in about the Tiger handler is feeding it during the performance. I know Britney burst out the cage doors as she enters and the stage and the Tiger is pretty chill considering what's happening around it lol I do also remember at the end the stage/cage turns around and Britney goes up the stairs above the Tiger to finish with the 'like that" part and the Tiger is watching her from below if you watch carefully!! Britney was so fierce and fearless..... That night she was channeling her inner Ace Ventura lol it was a magical performance!
  7. So true! I was shook watching her enter the stage via the Tiger cage!! lol no one really noticed Britney was in the actual cage with the (massive) Tiger and it's owner lol and everyone was like awww the snake... wtf is going on I remember think'in
  8. Ahh I remember this like yesterday lol I actually ended up using the audio from the site in my Rebellion remix I had too! it gave the remix the Blackout era vibe!! If your not a true Britney stan you know what you're listening too @ 2:17 everyone else would be left wondering what is happening and what the Tiger growl is even about haha its a Da Vinci Code moment! I truly think Britney's spirit lives within the big Cat family she's hypnotized by them and has always had an affinity for Cats in general, if you know her at all... I find it intriguing tbh! I love cats too! so I totally get her connection they are such a mysterious and majestic animal. Getting back to Rebellion, the first time it was herd in the wild was on her site in 06 and she also got caught driving around in her car listening to it! so it does exist in full and if my memory serves me right there was a rumor someone stole a CD out of Britney's car back in the day which included Rebellion and most of the BO demos. I also remember Britney herself giving some unreleased tracks to share within the Britney community to a certain person but they didn't really see the light of day....
  9. FYI guys I'm making a ITZ Mega Mix!!
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