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  1. La cantante mexicana Danna Paola estrena su más reciente sencillo XT4S1S con un sensual lyric video. El tema fue compuesto entre ella y su novio Alex Hoyer, quien también fungió como productor de la canción. En sus redes sociales escribió:
  2. BSB headlined the Tecate Emblema festival this past weekend, here are some of the videos Gwen Stefani was the other headliner for the following day Mexican singer Danna Paola was one of the biggest sensations from the other performers She even performed her 2009 hit Mundo de Caramelo from back when she was 13 Carly Rae Jepsen was also there
  3. Tecate Emblema is a music festival that takes place in Mexico City and today they have announced the line-up for the 2022 edition after last year's cancellation due to COVID. The concerts will be headlined by Gwen Stefani and Backstreet Boys and it's expected to take place on May 13 and 14 (unless the pandemic situation forces shows to get cancelled again). The full line-up that will be performing at the Hermanos Rodríguez Circuit includes: Backstreet Boys Gwen Stefani the Kid LAROI Kali Uchis Sebastian Yatra Morat Danna Paola Becky G Carly Rae Jepsen CHVRCHΞS Diplo Galantis Kenia Os Little Simz Mariah Angeliq Oliver Tree Sech Tones & I Yung Bae Bratty Cami Fuel Fandango Fuego Kaia Lana Los Rumberos Maw BB All Stars Moore Kismet The pre-sale starts on February 1st.
  4. Danna Paola Rivera Munguía nació el 23 de junio de 1995 en la Ciudad de México. Comenzó su carrera como actriz de telenovelas a la edad de 5 años en la telenovela Rayito de Luz, para luego protagonizar María Belén en 2001, ganando el premio a Revelación Infantil del año. En 2002 lanza su primer álbum de estudio Mi Globo Azul, al que le siguen dos discos más de corte infantil, mientras paralelamente continuaba participando en telenovelas como ¡Vivan los Niños!, Amy, la niña de la mochila azul, Pablo y Andrea y Atrévete a Soñar. También ha desempeñado varios papeles en teatro musical, en obras como Regina, Wicked y Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar. Continúa su carrera en la música desde 2012, lanzando su disco homónimo y varios EP, con múltiples hits como Agüita, Mala Fama, Oye Pablo, Sodio, entre otros. Su más reciente álbum de estudio K.O. salió en 2020 y en 2021 ha lanzado dos nuevos temas de lo que será su nuevo material discográfico. Además ha participado en la serie de Netflix Élite, así como jueza en los programas de talento La Academia y Top Star. Danna Paola ha lanzado 6 álbumes de estudio: Mi Globo Azul (2002) Océano (2004) Chiquita Pero Picosa (2005) Danna Paola (2012) Sie7e+ (2020) K.O. (2021) Redes sociales de Danna Paola: Sitio Oficial / Twitter / YouTube / Facebook / Instagram / TikTok Spotify
  5. I’m not sure if anyone posted this but this is my first post here. I just wanna leave something here: My treat. Your welcome bb’s enjoy!
  6. Mexican singer Danna Paola has premiered a new video for her latest single MÍA. Tired of drama and always "dying" for love, she decides to leave the men behind and instead goes to have fun with her girlfriends, between neon lights and roller skates, giving a modern twist to the classic fairy-tales such as Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. The new single does not belong to any album yet, but it will most likely be included in a future release. Her sixth studio album came out this January, and she's ready for the new era already. Lately she's collaborated with other artists such as David Bisbal, Lasso and Morat, as well as the soundtrack of Disney's Raya and the Last Dragon movie. Earlier today she made a tv appearance to promote the new single, where they went down memory lane to look back at her career of more than 20 years. Related:
  7. Mexican singer Danna Paola released yesterday the music video for Amor Ordinario, the eighth single off her latest album K.O. The music video, which is currently #1 On Trending in Mexico, was shot in December at the Val'Quirico resort in the state of Tlaxcala, which was perfect for the theme of the video which takes place in the Medieval period. In the dramatic clip we see her suffer for the love of a man who is already with another girl, as she performs for them at a dinner. In the end she offers him a drink which has been poisoned with an unknown substance she keeps on a heart-shaped bottle necklace. She also drinks from this beverage and they both perish before the video finishes. During a livestream before the premiere of the video, Danna Paola confessed that Amor Ordinario (translated as Ordinary Love) is one of the most vulnerable songs off her album and it was perfect to be released around Valentine's. She'll be performing a virtual concert later today called Welcome to My Break up Party Related:
  8. After being trending topic on Twitter this week, Mexican singer Danna Paola released her sixth studio album Knockout (styled as K.O.) this Wednesday upon leaking online ahead of time. Following the trend of some artists of releasing most of the tracks before the album drops, Danna Paola included on the album six of the singles she released throughout 2020 plus five new songs. Today she released the seventh music video off this album titled Calla Tú (which roughly translates to 'You Shut Up'). The video, which was directed by Danna herself, was shot in one take and shows her with a nude suit that displays several pejorative words that are commonly used to insult women, written in italic fonts. In the end, these same words are displayed on the screen in a way that spells the phrase "TE AMO" (I love you). Calla Tú talks about ending an abusive relationship and she tells the man she's not waiting for him to change no more, she's fed up with his hypocrisy, and tells him "I won't keep quiet anymore, YOU shut up". She released a statement through her social media that reads: Her statement is relevant not only because of the message itself, but because over the years it's been speculated in the media that she suffered physical and psychological abuse from her ex-boyfriend, fellow Mexican actor Eleazar Gómez, who's 10 years older than her and with whom she had a relationship from 2010 to 2015. Eleazar Gómez is currently in jail waiting for a trial after he was accused by his latest girlfriend of physically abusing her a few months ago. After the news broke, several ex-girlfriends of Eleazar came out to speak about their own experiences of abuse with him, including one that had already spoken about it but was dismissed by the media as an attention-seeker at the time. The only one that had remained silent was precisely Danna Paola, until she released this song and statement, which fans and media alike took as a confirmation of the rumors that have been around for years. You can hear the full album here:
  9. 2020 was an unusually rough year that affected all of our lives at a global level. The music industry was one of the most impacted since artists make the most of their revenue out of concerts, which have been shut down due to the ongoing pandemic. However, many artists took this as an opportunity to release their music in more creative ways. Eventually, shooting music videos was allowed if the safety measures were taken, live streamed concerts became the trend, and somehow we were able to have new music throughout the year to make our lives a bit happier in these strange times. I want to make this thread to focus specifically in the work that Latin artists have done, mostly women (and mostly pop) so if you're not familiar with music in Spanish you may discover something interesting, and if you are, then let's appreciate together what 2020 has given us. It's the 90's all over again The Latin divas of the 90's kept us entertained throughout the year, and suddenly it didn't feel like almost three decades have passed since the days when they were the ones dominating the popularity lists. Shakira Shakira celebrated the 25th anniversary of her album Pies Descalzos in 2020, which despite being actually her third studio album, it's usually considered the first one since it's the one that actually catapulted her to stardom. On February 02,her 43rd birthday, she performed along with Jennifer Lopez at the Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show Later in March she released the music video for the collaboration with Anuel AA, Me Gusta, which had been released in January. Before ending the year, she gave us a new viral Tik Tok dance in the music video of Black Eyed Peas' GIRL LIKE ME, as well as showing us her skateboarding abilities. But it wasn't all drought in the months in between, since she released a live performance of Antología from her latest live DVD released last year, and they also uploaded three music videos that were previously unavailable on her official YouTube channel. Thalia Thalia was one of the busiest though. She celebrated 30 years of solo career (she was previously part of the 80's band Timbiriche) and in 2020 she gave us collaborations as if her life depended on it and in May she released Viva Kids Vol. 2, her second album for kids. She started the year releasing Ya Tú Me Conoces in January, featuring Mau y Ricky. Then in February she collaborated with Río Roma on Lo Siento Mucho. It also had a mariachi version. Then in March she was featured on Pabllo Vittar's single Tímida In May is when we got the kids album, and she even released music videos for that one: Mi No Cumpleaños and Mis Tradiciones. She also participated in the mega collaboration organized by Sony Music Latin, a reimagined version of Diego Torres' Color Esperanza. Por Amor al Arte was released in June as the 8th single off her 2018 album Valiente. A lyric video was served for it. That month she also appeared on Leslie Shaw's Estoy Soltera along with Farina. In August she called Myke Towers to appear on her 2:02 minutes long La Luz, a reggaeton-pop club banger. In September, she appeared on another multi collaboration, this time David Guetta's Pa' la Cultura, a charity single released to support the immigrants affected due to COVID-19. Farina's Ten Cuidao featured Thalia in October. In the music video we see her as a queen and a gangster? This videoshoot also gave us her recreation of Britney's Oops!... I Did It Again. Later that month, we got her third collaboration with Farina, this time featuring Sofía Reyes too. TICK TOCK was the name of the song, and they released a Facebook video series to show the journey of releasing this track. In November she released her own rendition of José Feliciano's Christmas classic Feliz Navidad. But it doesn't stop there. Throughout the year she released the HD version of many of the videos she's put out throughout her career, such as Amor a la Mexicana (European Remix), Entre el Mar y una Estrella, Regresa a Mí, Me Pones **** (I Want You), Reencarnación, Cerca de Ti, Mariang Taga Barrio and María la del Barrio. She also released new lyric videos for old songs: Gloria Trevi With more than 30 years of career, she started in January with Grande, a song that features Mónica Naranjo, a Spanish singer that was very important in he 90's music scene. The empowerment anthem was dedicated to those that have suffered of bullying and humiliations throughout their life, especially the LGBTQ community which makes up most of the fanbase of both artists. After the lockdown, she was inspired to create a softer song, Demasiado Frágiles. She had to cancel the last dates of her tour due to the COVID pandemic, but fortunately she recorded a DVD last year of her shows in Mexico City. Diosa de la Noche: En Vivo desde la Arena Ciudad de México was released in August. Fun Fact: she's the biggest Mexican touring force in the world, and was named among the 50 highest-grossing female touring artists of the 21st century, above singers like Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez or Avril Lavigne. In December she participated in a Christmas album Eterna Navidad, along with many other artists. In May she also participated in the Mexican version of Color Esperanza, which was a mashup with Sólo le Pido a Dios, and also featured Fey, our following artist. Fey La Reina de los 90s celebrated 25 years of career this year. Though she only released one single, a cover of a Paul Oakenfold song that had been released in 2016, retitled as The Perfect Song, she participated in several virtual concerts and performances throughout the year. She also broadcasted her 2018 Desnuda Tour as part of the 25th anniversary celebration. She also uploaded to her official channel a couple of missing videos from her 2004 Mecano tribute, La Fuerza del Destino. Lynda Thomas Lynda, who started in the 90s along with Fey and Shakira, but retired in 2002, gave us a couple of gifts too. Since her "comeback" in 2018, she's released a few sparse singles, and this year she released Bien, a jolly, winter-y, not-a-ballad,-not-yet-a-Christmas song, She also recreated her 1999 hit Corazón Perdido, as a more stripped-down, acoustic version. Litzy An unexpected comeback to music was that of Litzy. She started in the kids group Jeans in he 90's, recording only one album with he band before starting a solo career. She released three albums and then focused on acting, having a very successful career. In 2017 she joined the 90's Pop Tour along with Fey and many other representative artists of the decade, but her formal comeback was this year with a live concert Vuelta en U. No Hay Palabras features another 90's icon, Lidia Ávila, member of OV7. She even made a cover of Alicia Keys' No One Paulina Rubio Paulina Rubio was probably the least active, though she did participate in some livestreamed transmissions. In March she appeared as a featured artist on Raymix's Tú y Yo Paulina's plans for 2020 were shut down even before the pandemic. Just like Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin were supposed to embark on a joint tour this year (which has since been postponed for next year) Paulina was supposed to collaborate in a tour with Mexican singer Alejandra Guzmán, another diva of the 90's. Everything was ready to be announced and the rumors were stronger than anything. The expectations were high, because the two singers were once rivals in the beginning of the 90's, being involved in a love triangle with fellow Mexican artist Erik Rubín. They even recorded a song together, a cover from the 80's classic Ni Tú Ni Nadie, and the video eventually leaked, though in low quality. They never confirmed the reasons why the tour and single were cancelled, but rumor has it that Paulina's lack of punctuality to the video shoot was enough for Alejandra to quit the project. I'm still waiting for the HD version So this is just the beginning, there's still many other artists we need to talk about, such as Danna Paola, Farina, Aitana, RBD, Reik, Paty Cantú, etc, but I hope other Exhalers help me with that Meanwhile, here's a Spotify playlist with some of the songs I could gather, but we can always make it bigger
  10. So in Latin America we celebrate Christmas too and I've noticed various artists have been releasing Christmas singles these past few weeks. Today, Thalia released an uptempo version of the classic Feliz Navidad. She's already released other Christmas songs before, like this duet with Michael Bublé Gloria Trevi also released another Christmas classic Ven a Mi Casa Esta Navidad as part of a various artists album Eterna Navidad A couple of years ago she had released Esta Navidad The Eterna Navidad album counts with many Latin artists, such as Juanes, Kalimba, Danna Paola, Edith Márquez, Alejandro Fernández, Morat, Paty Cantú among others. They covered 1986 classic Ven a Cantar Coincidentally, the original performers of the song, known as La Hermandad, also released a new version of the song, exactly the same week (though they're part of another record label lol). Mijares, Yuri, Daniela Romo, Pandora, Arianna, Tatiana, Denise de Kalafe, Oscar Athie and Hernaldo Zuñiga reunited virtually to film the new videoclip. The original clip it's been a while Not a new song, but new to the digital platforms, RBD also uploaded their rendition of Los Peces en el Río Also not a Christmas classic per se, but apparently released for the Holidays, Lynda released this new single Bien In 2018 she did release a proper Christmas song Una Vez Más In 1997 she had also participated with other 90's artists under the name of Estrellas de Navidad, in the release of Estas Navidades
  11. Mexican singer and actress Danna Paola has teamed up with Brazilian Luísa Sonza and Spanish Aitana for a new song titled Friend de Semana (which is a wordplay in Spanish for weekend + friend ). The urban track plays lyrically with the theme of telling the love interest what they've done the entire week and how they've failed to forget him, as well as what they're planning to do on the weekend. Mainly in Spanish, Luísa also incorporates some verses in Portuguese. The music video takes place in a school, where the singers plays the roles of principal, teacher, coach, as well as students from the soccer and basketball team, as well as the lab class. Related:
  12. Mexican singer Danna Paola has joined forces with Mika to release this mid-tempo, Spanglish track called Me, Myself. The song talks about making peace with oneself after ending a toxic relationship, learning the lesson and moving on. Both Danna Paola and the Lebanese-born British artist sing parts in Spanish and English, creating an interesting mixture. A lyric video was uploaded to her account, and the official music video is set to premiere tomorrow morning. With more than 20 years of career, Danna Paola began as a child star in tv shows and telenovelas, and she eventually started a parallel singing career over the years. She participated on the first Spanish adaptation of the famous musical Wicked, becoming the youngest artist ever to play the role of Elphaba. Lately she's gotten international exposure after she starred on Netflix's series Élite. A couple of weeks ago, she was collaborated on Spanish singer Lola Indigo's latest song Santería, along with Chilean singer Denise Rosenthal.
  13. It seems like 2020 is the year of female collabs and IM HERE FOR IT! Lola Indigo (Spain), Danna Paola (Mexico) and Denise Rosenthal (Chile) are pop icons in each of their countries, they reunite in an uptempo tune about putting a spell on an ex-lover . TBH I was not expecting a video as solid as this, considering they filmed in quarantine and in three different countries (and two different continents)!! The main councept is that each of them is a witch from a different element -> Fire (Danna) Water (Lola) and Air (Denise). I liked the choreo and the visuals , what do you think guys? u like it?
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