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There's something amazing about 2020 music

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Despite Covid and spending almost the entire year in lockdown, 2020 really gave us some great albums. Future Nostalgia, Chromatica, Folklore, Evermore, Positions, Petals For Amor, The Album, Music To Be Murdered By, Rare, Plastic Hearts etc. etc.

And of course the Glory rerelease! Still annoyed we didn't get a CD version of it though.

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1 hour ago, Prince Ali said:

The only 'amazing' thing about this is we listened to it all at home and not in clubs :4music_britney_2013_uk_annoyed_irritated_mad:

Now bring back 2010-2014.. this was a golden age in pop/dance music :kyliecry_crying_tears_jenner_wipe_sad:


Oh yes, I really miss the 2010s music it was fire and every year was full of bangers. Artists put out albums in a 1 or two year cycle. Performed on various occasions live for promotion in the world, did world tours. The world was good and most importantly I was 10 years younger and had friends who enjoyed clubbing as much as me:prettyney_britney_iggy_girls_bbma_2015_hair_flip_bounce:

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2020 gave music albums that we didn’t know we needed:


- Disco by Kylie

- Plastic Hearts by Miley

- Future Nostalgia by Dua

- ALICIA by Alicia

- Smile by Katy 

- The Weeknd

- tickets to my downfall by machine gun Kelly  

- hyperspace by Beck

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Dua, Ava, Katy and Gaga had pretty good albums that year but my God I hated Positions. It's my least favorite Ariana album which I didn't think I would say after TUN, but her releases get progressively worse imo. She should just stick to releasing a single here and there but not ever release another album because they're 70% filler in most cases, or at least TUN and Positions were.

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