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Just writing this here because idk where else to write it...

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Stream of Consciousness / Feel free to Skip


Last night, I worried about Britney.  I worry a lot.  I woke up this morning worried too.  I haven't been seeing a lot of this opinion, which is good because it means that I'm probably worrying about something that most people have used their best judgment to decide is not something to be worried about.  

Then I thought about how much I have worried about her, and in what ways... and how HER FAMILY'S ACTIONS ARE NOT THOSE OF PEOPLE WHO ARE WORRIED ABOUT SOMEONE.

Jamie Lynn following Kevin on Instagram was the straw that broke the camel's back for me.  After these videos...  This whole time, I have been fooled and manipulated by the family and courts into thinking Britney is some fragile creature who can't be trusted alone.  I truly believed she maybe had threatened to do something very terrible or something when she was hospitalized against her will.

I believed in the family this whole time, all the while believing in Britney.  I believed there was something they all must know that we don't, but it's becoming clearer now that they simply didn't like getting their ***es handed to them verbally when Britney, who was providing so much for everyone already, went in on them behind closed doors.

She either has a mental illness, and you are all exploiting her, treating her like s***, or she doesn't have one and you are all exploiting her, treating her like s***.

If my sister had a mental illness and belonged in a conservatorship, I would not try to hurt her by following her ex on social media for the world to see immediately after he did something very personal to her.  This is not an action of someone who has ANY concern for the other person.

Britney is a theatrical, dramatic woman, a performer, an empath, highly emotional, and yeah, a weirdo.  All artists are.  That isn't to say that we should excuse unacceptable behavior, but while I do believe that "isn't the worst of it," I don't believe now that any of it that we haven't seen was out of the norm.

You took her rights away for 15 years (attempted to do so forever) because you all wanted to control her.  It really is and was money and control.

I'm looking forward to hearing from Britney next.  The strength she has is impressive as it is infectious.  I'm sure she's embarrassed by this, but my biggest hope is that she doesn't waste any more of her precious emotions on people who tread all over them.



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Mental illness is not a reason for a conservatorship. It’s only for very extreme cases where people can’t even take care of themselves.. Britney worked for most of the conservatorship, providing for countless of people. They have exploited her and treated her like ****. Mental illness or not.


I do have to say if you indeed worry that much about Britney as you say, I am not sure that’s healthy.. 

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being gaslit for 13+ years is very hard to come out of, and that's just us the public. it's not your fault for believing in family and britney. many of us have never had to live in the complexity of a family that wants to hurt rather than protect. 

i don't worry about britney since her freedom. she has surrounded herself with people that love, protect, and support her. she's obviously hurt, traumatized, etc. but she's healing. it'll take time, but she has a lot of support and she knows that. i'm sure the latest attacks have hurt her more than anything before, but i'm also sure that she will rise above like she always does. i said yesterday her strength needs to be studied. its truly incredible the things this woman has endured and remains the beautiful caring sweet soul that she is. 

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I am shocked by all of this. It's weighing heavily on my mind. I truly don't know if any celebrity or person has had to deal with the magnitude of what Britney's gone through, especially since Fenderbender released those videos. I'm disgusted. I'm just a bystander and need to process what has happened because this is utterly despicable. I can't imagine what it is like for Britney. I'm so scared this could trigger her into a psychotic break or substance abuse. It makes me think of how Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland were pushed and pushed and pushed by the public and eventually they gave out. I can't imagine how strong Britney is to live through this. I hope she's enjoying her life and not focusing on this. 

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