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  1. Haha I know what you were getting at but a lot of those people were there and presented or performed. Just in case you’d like to see, couldn’t find the links from the show of the presenters but found them on the carpet.
  2. honestly, I think this is the best lineup since 2016. sort of excited to see the performers. and it'll be nice to see AJ and Avril present.
  3. very happy to see all of the positive advice on here! I'm also bi***ual and the most frustrating thing about it is that no one believes it's real. there's no way to explain to people who aren't themselves. they just assume you're totally in the closet or you're homophobic yourself. it's funny how sometimes the people who are supposed to be the most accepting... aren't. The biggest thing you can do for yourself in my opinion, like some other members have said, is try to not think about it or obsess over it. I know loneliness is hard. It's the first lyric in the chorus of BOMT!! but honestly, it's not worth putting yourself through stress and anxiety and worry of STIs and/or heartbreak of allowing yourself to get close to someone who doesn't end up truly caring about you. it's more important to protect your heart, and even if you're 30 or 40 by the time you finally find your TRULY special someone, it will happen very naturally and won't feel forced at all on either of your ends. When the time is right, you will be so excited and you won't feel like you're doing it for anyone but yourself and your partner, whoever it ends up being. Don't let people pressure you either. You will probably come into situations soon if you haven't already where unstable or disrespectful people are going to put the idea in your head that "s** is just s**, what's the big deal?" If I had a doallar... lol. It's so not true. We live in a society that is normalizing over***ualization. As soon as people turn a legal age they're getting an onlyfans and filming themselves having promiscuous s**, and younger and younger people are being exposed to that stuff and thinking it's what they're supposed to be doing. You are so young. Get your health right, make sure you're eating well and not abusing substances. Become a strong individual who is happy spending every day with just yourself, and trust me, people will be DRAWN to you. Going to give you some advice I have some trouble taking myself right now: put your phone down, put on a cartoon from your childhood that makes you happy, and start painting or crafting or building furniture... find a hobby that you LOVE that will take up your time and that will allow you to create things that you can share with people. And the right people will come.
  4. Great thread. Found this too, it's so crazy how much of an impact this show had imo. Those were definitely the golden years, when the channel was just letting kids be kids.
  5. I think you’re giving too much power to the article. Honestly I don’t even care to read it. I read your post though. Move on to writing something that brings you more joy and realize it’s only a certain sector’s opinion, and more people relate to how you feel on this subject than you realize. Britney’s relationships with everyone are messed up, so of course she’s not going to have a two way relationship with any of us... that’s okay, it doesn’t mean that we still aren’t instrumental to getting her to where she is or helping her achieve feats and freedoms. Every little thing can be a factor, and who cares what a few other people think? They’ve got their own junk they’d feel weird about if another person on the internet chose to write an article about it.
  6. I’m proud to see all of these replies calling this for what it is.
  7. Yeah but then he was filmed by tmz at the gym and was acting weird.
  8. That was her own dumb fault, now the public will have knowledge of everything Britney said and no knowledge of what the solutions are going to be, so they're gonna be on JP.
  9. I'm afraid Vivian is going to tell a bunch of bad stories about Britney to make her claims invalid.
  10. You literally asked “does she belong to some religion?” and I pulled like 5 quotes from interviews and transcribed part of FTR so you would have to do the least amount of work possible to find an answer to your question. I’ll never get people who have a strong opinion on something yet clearly don’t do a lick of research on the topic. It definitely weakens the weight of your words.
  11. No, millions of people claim to be Spiritual without actually believing in God, but believing in A higher power. People can also be BOTH Religious AND Spiritual, (which I believe she’s both.) When she goes to church she goes to southern Baptist churches, she’s said “I’m a Baptist” a couple times. when she was promoting Oops! in Tokyo, they asked whether she was either Catholic or Protestant and she replied “No, I’m a Baptist” another quote from her that I think encapsulates her, “I’m a Baptist. I grew up going to church but I think you can have spiritual experiences without going to church.” She’s not just stuck in one mode, she has had and is continuously having a journey with her faith, going from practicing Baptist to meditating on Kabbalah after Madonna introduced it to her, she took Sean to a Hindu temple in Malibu looking for “spiritual guidance” then after becoming a mother she said, “I no longer study Kaballah, my baby is my religion.” She constantly wore that Star of David necklace for a big time. She recently said “I go back and forth, but I do believe there is a God” also (I believe for V mag) she said “I have my relationship with God and myself, and thats what matters to me. I really don’t care what most people think” She has said consistently that she believes in Heaven. From For the Record: “I think back at like the last ten years and what I've been through, and it's a touchy thing cause I see my babies, and of course, you have to believe in God, you know what i mean? I completely believe in God. How could these two beings be here without there being a God?" I personally would just say with complete confidence that Britney Spears is both Religious and Spiritual, and I just don’t get calling anyone “freaks” - aren’t we all? And it doesn’t make it any better saying “Lmaoooo, part of some of em that are total freaks.” But when you look at it from the outside, we’re all wasting our time here because she’s said herself, “I really don’t care what most people think.”
  12. She’s both. She believes in God and Heaven, she’s said it like a hundred times, thanks Him in her speeches, and it’s in a ton of her thank-you’s in her album booklets.
  13. I agree but if there’s a team of people being paid to field her posts and then just post them, why the FRICK can’t they fix the grammar? She’s pretty great, I will say, but when your JOB is to proofread a post... if anything I lose more and more respect for Cassie every time these captions are posted because it’s either becoming increasingly apparent that she literally COPIES and PASTES what Britney sends her, OR IF SHE IS CONTRIBUTING TO WRITING THEM, they need someone more literate on the job.
  14. I mean it! They are! I love my trans bros and sisters. The people who are mentally sound enough to preach to a younger crowd and still want those life choices, you can’t challenge!!!
  15. What? You put your rights above all of Israel? I am not going to cast a vote in politics just because it benefits ME the most. It needs to benefit the majority of the nation. this is CLEARLY where our greater problem lies
  16. And why can we not unite on being able to talk about differing opinions? Is it that whoever disagrees with me does not deserve to thrive? Or is it because the people who agree with me have the unpopular opinion rn? I can love you as my exhale brother and still not call you names or belittle your intelligence.
  17. No, I’m a gay Britney Spears fan who understands that MY rights are not more important than an entire religious groups’ rights.
  18. I’m a moderate and I take every single issue as it is presented. It’s really not my fault that you had to drag yourself into a thread about Candace Owens to call her a bunch of names that Jordan doesn’t want anyone calling anyone on here...
  19. ****, **** Exhale, I do not believe that all of you are sheepish enough to follow this. You want to follow @mythology and absolutely categorize someone who mathematically puts their own nation’s benefit first in order to provide the amount of help and assistance to other countries that they’re expected to provide is “white supremacy?” follow the people who make your belly/gut and heart, feel like what we, as individual people are taught, from kindergarten MATTERS
  20. I’m not calling you “hostile” a “crazy person” or a “scumbag” (I really don’t name-call on either the internet or in real life... I’m just simply showing you all the actual names you called @jennyj and saying, as a person who can observe, you have behaved a lot more disrespectfully than Candace has, and I’m sure that if you had a daily talk show, based on how you talk to people on here, you would be just as, if not MORE problematic than the very person who apparently makes your skin crawl.
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