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Britney and her team are demanding confidential medical information be sealed after her father Jamie used them in court recently

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What I don’t understand is why is Jamie looking for redemption from the general public … 

like say Britney has some big medical secret that made everything he’s done valid … he’ll be innocent in a court of law and can go live in his trailer … with his close family and friends knowing the truth 

I understand Britney is destroying the family name but in reality besides JL none of them are public figures so who really cares. Let Britney run with her narrative and just go hide …. I mean Mariah’s family is a mess too and no one checks for them 

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This makes me so unbelievably angry!!!!!! How can he try this? Medical records are absolute sealed and closed information and can only be seen by her doctor and her (patient)... In Sweden a doctor can lose the ability to practice medicine for leaking medical information or look at another patients journal. And then colon think he is god and continues with his s h ! t... 


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