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Britney and her team are demanding confidential medical information be sealed after her father Jamie used them in court recently

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Pennywise should literally just look at Jamie and say “you fought to keep all this sealed for 13 years.  Now that the conservatorship is over, you have a change of heart?  Her records are remaining sealed.”  Like, that’s all it should be.  Britney shouldn’t have to file anything.

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Jamie loves Britney and is completely innocent!

- Restraining order on him for abusing one of Britney’s sons

- Paid himself $6 million of Britney’s money

- Gave Tristar a HUGE raise 

- Had Britney drugged with Lithium 

- Traumatized his daughter bully putting her in that facility!

- Trying to have Britney’s personal medical records revealed to the public!

- Allegedy had Britney’s phone mirrored and under surveillance illegally!

- Refused to cooperate for a dispo until ordered by the court!

- Lied and said the Free Britney movement is a conspiracy theory!

- Wanted Britney  to have a deposition to basically embarrass her to the world.

Hmmmm like Rosengart stated that doesn’t sound like a father that loves his daughter!

Jamie is a suspended disgraceful conservator that as Brit-said should be in jail!


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13 hours ago, ivosoares said:

She probably had a manic attack, and is diagnosed bipolar and Jamie is trying to use that to say she's crazy, again.

Or psychosis, or something like that with all the drugs they gave her. Nothing that justifies a conservatorship, as we all know.

You look familiar to me...

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