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Fandoms The Britney Army Share An Alliance, Enmity & Are Frenemies With

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Hello everyone :hiii_britney_wave_glaad_2018_waving_hello:

So ever since Exhale has been down, I was dying to create a thread discussing it cuz I thought the topic was pretty cool and faded :mhm_britney_nodding_yes_mhmm: So lets go! If you guys have further more fandoms we are friends, enemies or frenemies with, please do feel free to post about them so I can update my post with new entries (fandoms) :scalped_wind_storm_blowing_sand_dirt_desert_holding_on: So lets start:


Lambs (Mariah Carey fandom)

Moonwalkers (Michael Jackson fandom)

Barbs (Nicki Minaj fandom)

Bardigang (Cardi B Fandom)

Riri Navy (Rihanna fandom) 

Daydreamers (Adele fandom)

Janet stans (Janet Jackson's fandom)

Smilers (Miley Cyrus Fandom)

Loves (Dua Lipa Fandom)


Katy Cats (Katy Perry's fandom)

Swifties (Taylor Swift's fandom)

Beliebers (Justin Bieber's fandom)

Madonna Wannabes (Madonna's fandom)

Stans (Eminem's fandom)

Arianators (Ariana Grande's fandom)


Beeh*ve (Beyonce's fandom)

L*ttle ATRL Rats Who Need To See Grass Monsters (Lady Gaga's fandom)

Fighters (Xtina's fandom)

I can't remember all of them but like stated above, feel free to comment any fandom I missed in any category. What do you guys think? Agree? Disagree? Lemme know :sendinglove_kissing_heart_love_blowing:




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1 hour ago, MonaLisasDoll said:

i wish we were better with the Little Monsters cuz idk i see a lot of similarities in things that are popular in each fandom,. 

Yeah IDK why they detest us or Britney jsjsjs. Their faves fave is literally Britney and their faves fave even called her the Queen of Pop and even presented the Vanguard award to Britney. :billie_eilish_green_chuckle_cackle_lol_lmao_haha_hehe_laugh:

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