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  1. i wasnt trying to be mean lol. I agree with user @Geralt_of_Rivia the feathers skirt was cute but..... idk it looked tacky. Especially that weird neckpiec thing like ugh but i understand what they were going for, like purposefully tacky but they missed the mark imo. As for the ones you posted, the Loose women, ellen, and graham norton looks were all stunning, subtle, but sophistaced. The ellen mall look is a perfect example of Brits personal style and idk it just works the 2016 vma was very cute but tbh i think she shouldve used that for pom, ive seen edits on instagram of that look but in silver with her having platinum blonde hair and ugh that wouldve been so much better. Still an amazing and somewhat memorable look imo
  2. i wish we were better with the Little Monsters cuz idk i see a lot of similarities in things that are popular in each fandom,.
  3. the more I look into this case the more disgusted I become of anyone in Britneys life at the time. It is so sick and twisted that her own parents would set her up like that, despite it being evidently clear that she needed legitimate HELP and SUPPORT not a ******* law and order set up ffs. What really happened, what was really motivating Jamie and Lynn and Lou and Kfed and all the rest of those vultures around her..... was the possibility of losing the Golden Goose- Britney. That’s why Jamie went along with Lou’s “business plan” and Lynn eventually got stung along as well. Jamie & Lynne may have been manipulated yes, but it was their greed that led them that way, their fear of losing their bread maker, Britney ********** Spears. And once they had her under control, instead of helping her by seeking help, counselors, life coaches, therapy, you name it. Instead, within 7 months she was already trying to “make a comeback” and this time it actually worked. Instead of letting her take some time of (like maybe a year) she had to do a world tour. Why? Because money. That’s why. It’s just heartbreaking that it’s her parents that did this to her.
  4. that’s not what the point of those articles were tho it was to back up reportings of him being with Britney way before October 2007 which is the date Lynne said in her statement that Sam came into Britneys life. Also user @Steel Magnoliadoes an absolutely phenomenal job of going through all the papers and documents and **** and they literally called out lies from the statements in this thread.
  5. Passenger- I’m sorry but I can’t escape the feeling that it’s propaganda for the cship but anyways when I actually listened to it, I interpreted the songs meaning as like not wanting to be the one chasing someone down for love/doing all the work in a relationship. And honestly It’s so beautiful like UGH AND I RELATE TO HER SO MUCH cuz I’m still waiting for my Prince Charming to come save me and take the wheel
  6. I think what definitely would’ve happened is the ITZ would’ve gotten it’s full potential (I say that very loosely) and it probably would have gotten a re-release with all the outtakes. She would have gone to VMAS 04, might have been iconic might not who knows. GHMP most likely would not have happened, the tour would’ve gotten extended and had that mtv special instead of Chaotic. And then she probably would’ve taken a long a break after to have a family like she wanted. I’d like to think that the years following 2004 would have been MUCH smoother had she finished out ITZ era, bc like i said earlier GHMP wouldn’t have happened and she’d still be active doing promo, touring stuff (albeit over worked) thus not getting branded her as “her career is ending” type of **** that the media was pulling long before ‘07. Then after maybe 2-3 more singles, the tour and ITZ reloaded/TOD- she’d take a break bc she’d definitely still be with Kevs and have a baby. That, could have been her get out of jail card to slowly distance herself from the industry or whatever. But honestly who knows. Ive thought about this a lot to myself, wondering why she didn’t just leave LA in 2005/2006 but honestly by 2006 the paparazzi would’ve followed her anywhere. I honestly don’t know how much different things would truly have been other than ITZ era closing naturally.
  7. i dont mind it i just wish she could've done it better. Especially her performance looks, they look pretty cheap and messy. Like the lace one with the pom pom esque sleeves, thats cute but the pants and that weird corset belt thing on her stomach ruin it completely. I absolutely adore the mesh sequined star top she wore in 2nd MM mv. Overall i just think a better stylist wouldve been able to improve the looks.
  8. Pls at least it’s her, unlike whoever it was in Change Your Mind lmao I agree on circus the song it’s kinda aged and it’s just “meh” now. The demo however... that **** is on another level Will ruined ISBE lmao, and I have a soft spot for the song bc I know it would’ve smashed in late 2013 even though the lyrics are kinda bad (not worse than ****ty girls and Ew La La) That’s kinda the point to IWBT lmaoooo it’s an adorable lil 90s jam... and das it lol
  9. Omfg i forgot about Rock Boy, that song is so horrible it sounds something I would’ve heard at church camp back in like 2011 Dangerous is also pretty bad I used to love but it’s so weird now and not done well imo Passenger is straight up propaganda and I will never forgive Katya Purrina for even writing this abomination let alone giving it to Brinny Liar is pretty forgettable y’all hype up Glory songs too much, sure it’s better than FF & BJ but it’s still kinda bare minimum- Do You Wanna Come Over would’ve bombed in the summer of 2016, I for one am glad it didn’t become a single it’s so awkward like it’s “midtempo” but not really and omg the guitar I thought we left the stupid guitar in choruses back in 2013 Private Show is also pretty bad but only cos of the egregious “vocals” Hold On Tite is so stupid it literally sounds like two songs mashed together the lyrics make no sense whatsoever and her vocals are subpar. If I’m Dancing is too much it sounds like someone was tryna mimic the “hyper pop” charli XCX trend but it’s just such a train wreck of a song. Gasoline makes me extremely uncomfortable Selfish is really stupid like it literally sounds like a cheap Low ripoff Trip To Your Heart makes my ears hurt Ooh La La is such an embarrassment no wonder she gave up on 2013 it was cos if this abomination of a song
  10. I think it’d be a perfect way to start her “comeback” when she’s free. And y’all really underestimate her, POM was bad because SHE didn’t want to do it, it was like her job that she hates but she had to do it. If she had 100% control on this concert, which god willing once she’s out of the c-shop she will, y’all better ******* believe she’s gonna bring it, if that’s what she really wants to do, once homegurl gets motivated she really brings it.
  11. Tik Tik Boom is just all around horrible. Phonography has a bomb instrumental but the lyrics are cringy and make no sense at all Big Fat Bass is just embarrassing How I Roll is really bad too, the production is just so off.
  12. Also what the heck is “Cry” I’ve heard a lot of chatter that she was gonna perform it at the 2007 VMAS and it was supposed to be the lead but I have no idea where this came from.
  13. Actually there was one song in between Let Go and Untitled Lullaby/Baby Boy/Someone; it’s like a drum intro I think, it might be the JR song or it could be Downtown? Idk. Also wasn’t there a demo cd somewhere called “The Fugitive” that was seen in a picture idk
  14. BOMT: Cute and iconic, but the praying one is better OIDIA: Flawless Britney: I really like this, sure the yellow and blue are weird but it differentiates her from other people, I lobe it ITZ: Same thing, a beautiful blue and a close up of her face, it could have been better but it’s not bad GHMP: she looks hot but would it have killed her to do a photoshoot for this album :/ Blackout: Her hair looked greasy and fried during the whole photoshoot that’s why it looks trashy, I still adore the cover though, I think the Gimme More single cover would’ve been better tho Circus: Cute-ish but her smile is too fake, the puppet one or the star bustier dress would’ve been way better FF: Just like the album itself, cool back then, cringe and lifeless now. Also how does her hair look WORSE than it did in blackout aka when her hair was still recovering. I like the font though BJ: Just boring imo, Work ***** cover was better, and while I like the font it is, just a copy of Bangerz Glory: I didn’t used to hate it until I found out it was a screenshot, now I think it’s just stupid; the new one is okay tho but it’s still kinda weird, I think the SITS one is the best
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