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Beyonce readying new album named 'Emerald?'

Jordan Miller

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Nothing gets passed the Beyhive.  :beysip:

A page on Beyonce's official website randomly popped up online. It links to the tag 'emerald.' Tags are typically used to categorize keywords on websites. 

When you search for the term 'emerald' on Beyonce.com, a bunch of images from different events pop up where she's showing off a ring containing an emerald stone. 

There's buzz that Emerald is the name of her new project.

Take this with a grain of salt. I typed the keywords "ruby" and "diamond" in her website's search field as well, and it produced results. However, Google doesn't appear to produce a search result for her website with those terms... just emerald. 

You excited for new Beyonce music? Or...?



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It doesnt fit the Beyonce album names...

Dangerously in love ....arguably named after her biggest song at the time.

Bday - came out in her birthday nuff said

I am...sasha fierce - her alter ego introduction 

4 - all about jayz and her obsession with the number 4 and how it encompasses their love

Beyonce - self titled nuff said

Lemonade - is about women in black culture and her own family/identity. growing up a culture where men can cheat. 

Emerald -  Trying to see how this fits in????

I would believe this more if it were called Sapphire 

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