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So, who the **** is Jodi Montgomery?

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Britney now has a new temporary conservator ... and it's Jodi Montgomery(Care manager/Fiduciary).

Jodi Montgomery Fiduciary website:



Our team of California-licensed professional fiduciaries offers a broad and diverse range of professional experience which enables us to provide a level of specialized, responsive services which simply cannot be matched by the trust divisions of major banks. The principals of PMF, Jack Montgomery and Jodi Pais Montgomery, have built a thriving Southern California-based practice which provides expert, reliable, and insightful case management.

PMF’s professional staff offers expertise in managing businesses, working with limited partnerships, resolving contentious family issues, maximizing and protecting the value of intellectual property rights, managing real property assets, and developing and executing plans to optimize trust finances. Plus we’re bilingual, so your native Spanish-speaking clients will be able to work with someone who speaks their language. 



Anyone have any idea who she is?

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