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Free, Hollow, Sacred

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All three of those ITZ leftovers are now registered on BMI Music, previously the were only registered on I believe EMI. I just found it interesting that they’re now after all these years being re registered somewhere else. It might be that Cathy Dennis or Guy Chambers has changed their affiliations. 


Also on ASCAP a song titled Higher You Take Me was registered for Britney but it says an alternate title for it is Slave 4 U but the writers are not the same so I don’t know what’s going on with that! 



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16 minutes ago, RedBloodedWoman said:

Hollow is produced by Bloodsht & Avant! ;) Free & Sacred are from Strangest Love sessions with Guy Chambers. 

Her team either realizes they’ve been circulating for a while, or they might actually give us an unreleased collection so they can get a few cents outta us before the C-ship ends

Hollow was co-written by Cathy Dennis though that’s why I made the comment about her or Guy changing affiliation. 

I have been dying for an unreleased collection, I would love if RCA did one even if it was just a money grab lol! 

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