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Southern vs. country


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I wonder if Brit and artist like Miley and Taylor have that southern charm thing in common behind the scenes. Like Miley is known for her country twang but can switch into crazy pop star Miley. Brit (besides her accent) has never really been known for having that country twang. She doesn’t experiment with country or connect with that world. Taylor seems to be over it but she was country for years. Even Jamie Lynn has that twang. Is their a difference between being southern and being country? Is it because Britney’s reputation as pop is so heavy that no one would be here for a country album? What if Brit collabed with Florida Georgia Line or did a song like Billy Ray Cyrus and Lil Xan or whatever his name is? Would you guys be here for it? She’s done almost everything but never country, which is so interesting as she’s a southern girl. 

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She likes country music and wanted to take this direction at some point of her career but they probably told her that it wouldn't sell as much as pop music because country isn't mainstream. Okey, Taylor was country for years but she became really famous when she changed her mind and decided to make pop music and Jamie Lynn is mostly known as Britney Spears' sister that says something. And hey, she showed country twang a bit with "Something To Talk About" at her POM concert! I wouldn't be here for an album full of country songs, maybe just a few 

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12 minutes ago, ILikeChillinWithYou said:

I don't have anything against country songs but if Brit makes a country album, it will probably end up like what Gaga did with this Joanne :joanne:

Do you mean a re-invention from the artist and a great album that was glossed over by the GP and flopped? If so, that sounds good and we should've already gotten used to B flopping after Glory and Beniacal Jimpkins. :comingthru:

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"Joanne" was fabulous, people got no taste.. besides, it didn't even flop that hard - it went #1, sold like 50k less than "ARTPOP" and had a top 5 single with "Million Reasons" and a top 20 single with "Perfect Illusion" which is really high considering the song isn't very gp friendly.. :unbothered: I would love a country album from Brit FOR SURE.. :riri:

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I hate country, I like/love pop depending on specifics, and I love Britney. For me, it's best if Brit stays far away from country. If she didn't, the more country she got, the less I'd like her. I really detest country, it repels me dramatically.

ETA: I do like a FEW country/pop songs that are also sassy girl power bops. The other factors saved those songs.

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