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[Update: Results are in] Overall Album Evaluation- Glory

How would you rate Britney's ninth album?  

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13 hours ago, ILikeChillinWithYou said:
  • Do you think the selected singles were apt? If no, then how would you have done it?
  • Which song do you think is the worst from the album or your least favorite? Rate them on a scale of 1 to 5
  • How do you think the album did lyrically? Rate on a scale of 1 to 5
  • Which is your favourite video from the album? Rate it on a scale of 1 to 5 {Only videos released officially counts}
  • If you were to give the album a short 2 line review, what would it be?
  1. Make Me was good, Slumber Party was good had it been promoted as well as Make Me. Change Your Mind and Love Me Down should've been singles.
  2. Private Show, 2.5/5
  3. 3/5
  4. Slumber Party, 4/5
  5. It was definitely something more organic than Britney Jean and just by comparing it to that you can appreciate Glory so much more. The album was so good it deserved more than 2 videos and 2 singles. It was a moment that Britney needed to reassure herself she was still a legend after so many flops, and it shows she was involved. Feels more like ITZ with how sort of disperse it is but also great.
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1. I agree with Make Me being the first single but I think the second one should have been a more upbeat song. DYWCO would have been great choice imo. Liar and CYM could have also been hits with the right promo.

2.Private Show, 2.5/5

3. 3.5/5, as most songs revolved around the usual concepts of love, ***, etc. Don't mind that,  but I think this album could have had some deep cuts or more personal songs.

4. Unfortunately not many options here, Slumber Party, 4/5.

5. Glory made me fall back in love with Britney, so it will always have a special place in my heart! Even though I am not a huge fan of the production of the album, I love how involved, present and experimental she sounds! It was a huge step forward, especially after BJ.  Plus I think her vocals were on point and the best we had heard in ages! 




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Glory is, in my opinion, her best album. (Glory > Blackout > Britney > FF > Circus > BJ > Oops > Baby > ITZ) 
Though, it has many "mistakes". The first one being the two singles, featuring the rapper & Tinasha.
Thankfully, I have bought Glory before the addition of Tinasha on Slumber Party & I bought the version of Make Me without the rapper.
So, since Circus, it's amazing to have a full album with only Britney singing:)

Overall sound : 5/5
Booklet : 3/5 (other BIG mistake)

No, obviously cause Glory has sooooo many songs that have single potential.
Single 1 : Change Your Mind & Do You Wanna Come Over (perfect way to start the era) 
Single 2 : Better & Liar

Promo single : Private Show (+perfume)
Single 3 : Mood Ring 
Promo single (FR only) : Coupure Électrique / Promo single (WW) : Clumsy
Single 4 : If I'm Dancing
Promo single : What You Need
Final one : Love me Down (with a killer MV ofc)

2. There aren't any worst song, like, literally.

Fave song : Love me Down (5/5)
Mood Ring : 4.99/5
What You Need : 4.9/5
Better : 4.75/5
If I'm Dancing : 4.6/5
Coupure Électrique : 4.5/5
Change Your Mind : 4.5/5
Do You Wanna Come Over : 4.45/5
Liar : 4.4/5
Man on the Moon : 4.3/5
Private Show : 4.25/5
Hard to Forget Ya : 4.2/5
Slumber Party : 4.15/5 (Same thing with Make Me)
Make Me : 4.1/5 (I don't have the duet version.. oops !)
Invitation : 4/5
Just Luv Me : 3.75/5

Least fave : I will say, Just Like Me (3.5/5) I like it, except the beat in the chorus. It should have been simple, only her voice & the guitar.


I don't have much choice so.. Slumber Party MV : 3.25/5
Make Me official video : 1/5 (even Ooh La La & Pretty Girls are more watchable)
(Tbh, the "unreleased" MV of Make Me is a lovely mess. 3/5 
And the American Dream MV is 4/5 cause it doesn't feature.. you know who

I'll end by thanking you @
ILikeChillinWithYou for these evaluation posts.
Like Britney said, "That was fun !" 

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14 minutes ago, dark_wolf said:

I will say, Just Like Me (3.5/5) I like it, except the beat in the chorus. It should have been simple, only her voice & the guitar.

That's exactly how I feel about that song, the melody with the verse and pre chorus is really good but the chorus kills it for me :ehum: It's my least favorite from the album too, and Glory is my favorite album too :)

And btw, this is not the end of the evaluation threads, there's one more so stay tuned :jj: After all the evaluations, I'm thinking of making a chart/table comparing the results of every album to actually declare the rankings of every albums if that'd be helpful :yaknow:

And Thank YOU for sticking with the evaluations till the end :kiss:

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