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Famous faces during Britney’s BBMAs 2016 performance


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Britney’s intro reel before her 2016 BBMAs performance:


I’ve made notes of famous faces that we saw in the audience that night:

3:20- Jessica Alba, and Wiz Khalifa pops up 

3:36- Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn

4:05- Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, and Laverne Cox behind 

4:41- Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas, and Joe Jonas behind them 

5:47- Halsey and some lady?

7:18- Kylie Jenner


Others in attendance:

1:19- Megan Trainor

1:36- it says Zendaya here but isn’t that Kylie Jenner?

Let me know if I left out anybody else? 


Of the celebrities there, I would say Jessica Alba, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, and Kristen Bell would be Britney’s peers, because of their ages and they also became famous during the prime years/late 90’s & early 00’s.

Meghan Trainor, Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, Halsey, Wiz Khalifa, Kylie Jenner, and Joe Jonas would be the next generation of stars who were younger children during Britney’s prime years.

I was watching her 2016 BBMAs performance, and whenever the camera went to a famous person in the audience, I wondered out of curiosity what he/she’s thoughts/perception/reaction watching it. I wondered how do they view Britney, depending on their age. For example, I imagine Mila’s take would be different from Meghan’s, who was in grade school when Britney was in her prime and idolized her growing up. I mean, there’s no real answers to these hypothetical questions, and we can only go by a few seconds of facial expressions which we could be wrong about. For instance, was it me or did Jessica Alba seem bored? Wiz Khalifa was weird popping up like that. Mila Kunis looked like she was excited. Demi and Nick’s faces were hard to read. 

I’m just saying in a long-winded way I wonder what’s the current view of Britney from her fellow industry peoples. Wonder what was it like for them seeing that fierce intro reel of Britney’s career? (Bear with me I’m a little high lol) 


Edit: 1:36 is Zendaya, as pointed out by @MrLovett :selenerz:

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demi probably thought that it was basic or something. i think ever since they did the x factor together she began to dislike britney. she was her idol and i guess seeing how cold britney was to her for months at a time really changed her perception of her and she isn't a fan of hers anymore. i could be wrong tho.

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Theres a fan video from another angle, u can see how megan and mila are ezcited, dancing to womanizer, and overall audience received very well supporting our gurl. I think, it doesnt matter how they feel about currentney, as they know the ahowbiz kitchen, what and how happens, so i guess they have positive thoughts

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8 minutes ago, britney_rocks said:

The professional recording didn't do this performance justice. I much prefer this angle.



The professional recording irritated me. Like, when Britney is slaying, don’t zoom over to the audience. The audio editing doesn’t capture the energy of the crowd. Shouldn’t energy be priority when filming? We want our Queen in the best lighting. :bedtime:

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1 hour ago, BRSM_jl said:

Am I the only one who hated this performance and outfit? :mhmnod:

That outfit was so beautiful though! It looked expensive, and the red I love. Together with the boots, the look gives me Barbella 1960’s meets Wonder Woman female superhero vibes.

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21 minutes ago, Khoazie said:

That outfit was so beautiful though! It looked expensive, and the red I love. Together with the boots, the look gives me Barbella 1960’s meets Wonder Woman female superhero vibes.

I know I'm so terrible! :crying1:

I'm just really over the lingerie look. 

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4 minutes ago, BRSM_jl said:

I know I'm so terrible! :crying1:

I'm just really over the lingerie look. 

I know what you mean, the Vegas Britney showgirl look is tired. I was just thankful that this one actually looked polished, and not like one of her iconic POM bikini leotards 

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18 minutes ago, Dexter1998 said:

I thought Demi looked happy, while Nick looked like, meh. Kristen kinda enjoy it. I wonder what Ashton said to Mila, but Mila was happy too.

I caught that Nick’s subtle eyebrow movement lol. Is it just me, or do others think about this stuff when watching her award show performances too? 

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Wiz Khalifa randomly gets up during ILRNR right? I remember thinking that was really funny. I wonder why he chose that part to stand to?

i loved this performance. She was hella nervous in the beginning but when she had that little stumble during Womanizer it’s like she had this fire in her eyes. The outfit was beautiful. The only bra/underwear outfit I’ve liked in recent years. I wish she kept the jacket on a little longer. Maybe walking around with it open for a bit?

her hair was also beautiful! Classic Britney look to it (reminded me almost of OIDIA VMA)

the only thing about this performance I found odd was the song choices. I mean POM 2.0 had just started and all the songs were the new ones they added, but this performance was advertised as a Greatest Hits medley. I just found it odd. Still loved it though!

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