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What If team Britney behind these rumors ? Cuz of they are trying to create hype for upcoming single with that way maybe. I mean call me crazy but It's weird how song writers keeps troling us with apple pie lyrics and there is no statement from team. Maybe team Britney testing our reactions about the name of song for example. Discuss !:calculating:

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11 minutes ago, Dreamer26 said:

but It's weird how song writers keeps troling us with apple pie lyrics

Mmmm... not really. :ehum:


95% of the supposed hype is due to Twitter "supposed" insiders (which some of them have been right) and some fans trying to read between the lines some comments 1 or 2 producers have tweeted. The other 5% I could rely it on past rumors that ended up being true. :brityes:


I know we are thirsty for new music but this fanbase have gone through this story over and over again. Rumors come out, we believe they are true, we MAKE OURSELVES believe hidden comments from official sources (producers, management, official accounts, etc) really mean something and at the ends nothing happens and then we blame Britney.

After all of these 20 years I choose not to believe until it is OFFICIAL, and even that way, some "official" projects like Make Me music video never saw the light, so in order to avoid drama and meltdowns and calling Britney with an endless amount of offensive adjectives (LoL) let's just wait. :yaknow:

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