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  1. Yes, there will be a part 7. Part 7 will be the finale and is coming this Summer.
  2. Awesome. I actually watched part 6 as it premiered on YouTube earlier, I'm also a Deep Dive Patron. I support the creators of Deep Dive, and I gotta say, they do lay out everything pretty nicely, even though it's things we already knew, well that true Britney fans knew of course. I also noticed Sam Lutfi was a patron, and was shocked. I really hope that it's him, and not someone impersonating as him, but from what I've seen Sam Lutfi tweet out on Twitter before, I'm pretty sure he is also Team #FreeBritney, despite all the drama with him in Britney's past.
  3. I am literally obsessed with Catfish The TV Show, so I'm sooooooooooo happy that Kamie finally watched the doc herself and is speaking out about her thoughts. LOVE IT! But yes indeed, we ain't losing Britney. #FreeBritney
  4. Selena Gomez recently did a special video with iHeartRadio, as she pulls out of things from a box that is packed with memories from her childhood, like pictures, stuffed animals, or even the first CD she ever bought "...Baby One More Time", and even refers to Britney as a Legend. A True stan, she is! Also sorry, if AP!
  5. Hey everybody, it's been a while since I posted. I know there's not much going on at the moment, and it may even be a boring time to be a Britney fan, cause of Britney on her hiatus and all, and the whole #FreeBritney movement, from the last few months, but I've been lurking around here, despite me not really making threads and comments lately. In fact, some of ya'll probably don't even remember me. But.... I just wanted to share this video with my fellow Britney fans here, of Me and a friend doing our very first Britney track by track album review together. This friend of mine, from Kentucky, and I have started fairly recently doing album reviews on her channel. She's a small youtuber, and has 2 channels, one for breaking news videos, and one for live streaming, she usually streams a few nights a week, but every Thursday or Friday, and Sunday, we do album reviews for some of our favorite artists, no matter how old or new an album is. We enjoy doing these streams together. But long story short, I got her to agree to start doing Britney Spears album reviews, and we're planning on reviewing all of Britney's studio albums, over the next few months. As of right now, we plan on reviewing 2 Britney albums a month. She's more into country music, but loves some pop artists as well, like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez for example, and she's not like a huge Britney fan like I am, but she really enjoyed listening to Britney's first album, and loved it! So I wanted to share our first Britney review with you guys, and let you all know, since there's not much going on at the moment, if you want something to watch and enjoy that's Britney related, since Britney's not doing much at the moment, besides posting cute things on Instagram, maybe you could check out my friend and I's videos up on her channel on YouTube. We plan on reviewing Britney's second album "Oops! I Did It Again!" on August 30th.
  6. My Prerogative. (Technically it's a cover, but it's still a song Britney made her own.)
  7. Can you PM me the DL link? I think the one I got is way less MB than that I want as HD as possible, lol This video is too good to not see in as perfect HD as can be.
  8. I know.... And I was about to show a friend the video, but they deleted it before I could show her. I hope there will be another link soon.
  9. Please send me the link. I was a tad late to the party.
  10. So I just saw this tweet on Twitter about a new News story about a convenience store in Oklahoma (Which is where I'm from btw ) and how a Life Size Britney Cutout was stolen from the convenience store, where Britney was being used as a prop to sell Pepsi products, and apparently Britney is very important to this convenience store, as they are offering a $100 reward to get Britney back.
  11. Winner: If U Seek Amy If U Seek Amy Vs. Lucky
  12. So adorable!!! Now I know where I'm going if I ever get to visit The Philippines.
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