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Perfume could have been the new Everytime (Video)


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I was in the car the other day listening to an old playlist when Perfume feat. Sia came on. My initial reaction was to skip the song, since I wasn't in the mood to hear a heavily edited 'ballad' with upbeat instrumentals, but I started listening to the lyrics and thought... 'you know what? There's actually something here.'


Granted, when you listen to the radio version of Perfume and/or re-watch the angsty music video, the entire production just feels painfully commercial. But when you strip everything away and add a couple new instrumentals (which I took the liberty of doing because I had time today), Perfume is really beautiful...and sad.


Honestly, if Britney had released this acoustic version and if her team had created a video that reflected the depth of the lyrics, I think we could've had another Everytime on our hands. Forgive my average video editing skills, but what are your thoughts?



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