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Best tour out there

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So, I know there might be a similar thread to this one here, but I want to ask you where you put your best Britney experience in comparison to other divas/pop peers out there when judging

1. Choreography

2. Visuals / Coherent Theme / Props

3. Outfits

4. The whole experience

What is your favorite tour of all artists out there? You can of course choose one for each of the categories mentioned there.

I came up with this topic though I am not from America and haven't attended to many tours, but I was watching Aphrodite tour from Kylie and was quite mesmerized by the props and costumes and have to say that she easily beat any Brit tour when talking about visuals/coherent theme/props and outfits imo.


So, share away your experience :foh:


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I have never seen an actual pop show (only seen rock concerts and Kesha) but I'd say Kesha's *** the World tour was the most fun I've had at a show ever. 

No props (except maybe a couple small things like a chair) and just her and the microphone. She absolutely brought it during my show and the crowd was going wild. It truly was amazing :anxiety:

Im seeing Brini this summer though! So we'll see if POM takes the cake! 

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I saw Britney twice - Oops tour in 2000 and DWAD tour in 2002. I saw Nsync in 2000-2001 (I was in the front and my row was really nice ha. Always nice to get seats by respectful people who are there to see a good show) - I was a kid. 10-12 during those concerts and I don't think I knew (any of us knew) THEN what I was really seeing. We had never seen her any other way. Meaning, to see Britney LIVE during that time in her career was a gift (as a fan). Of course we didn't know what was to follow. Anyways I would say DWAD was probably the best pop production I've seen. OOPS was amazing in a different way .. You know, it was CLASSIC Britney. It was my first show and she was HUGE. She hadn't released Britney yet, and though they were only 2 years apart, they were 2 very different shows. 

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I just saw Katy Perry at the Prismatic Tour and was the cheap latinamerican   version... so my date was the last and I mean I was there cause I love her, but honestly she can't sing or dance :mattafact: and also in that moment she has overweight so it wasn't her best moment... but I enjoyed a lot, I meet the dancers at the airport they arrive to Costa Rica at the same time of my fly. Katy talked to me on the show, so was really funny. I just wished the ***** picked me for a selfie but anyways 

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I still consider lady Gaga’s Joanne tour one of my favorite tour experiences. She performed at citified here in nyc. It was and outdoor venue and it was raining hard. There was a delay but she still came out and served live vocals, choreo, great costumes, and personal interaction with the audience. 

I’ve seen britney during the circus, femme fatale, and piece of me. Piece of me has to be my favorite of the 3. When I compare to other pop concerts I’ve been to I’m disappointed mostly with the live vocals and the great crowd interaction. I like when they talk to the audience. My favorite  being Mariah Carey. But when I think about my love for britney and being in the moment I don’t care. She will always be my fave I just wish I made my own money back in the day to see the onyx hotel or dwad live.

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i've only been to one britney show, piece of me in 2016, it was amazing in person, videos do NOT do it justice

it was the best show i've ever been to, and i have been to A LOT of concerts, including most of the pop girlies

i think the only tour (that i've been to) that could somewhat compare to piece of me would be lady Gaga's artrave tour

but even artrave wasn't as extravagant and excellent as piece of me :bang:

i'll put a tour that i've been to beside each of your critiques (that i think best executed that particular aspect)

1. Choreography: Piece of Me definitely, I've been to many shows where they danced but it was very minimal/simple/occasional choreo

2. Visuals/Coherent Theme/Props: Again, Piece of Me for sure. Each section is a specific theme and each of these themes are very clear

3. Outfits: This one is gonna go to Ariana Grande for her Dangerous Woman tour, the outfits were so nice and trendy

4. The Whole Experience: Piece of Me, again. Being front row watching my favourite person of all time was just surreal

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