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  1. She has an unhealthy obsession with bad boys. That's her authentic truth. So unique and unheard of I'm all down for great bops but I'm unsure she lives in actual reality if she thinks she's gonna make all people be there to comment and be opinionated about her first single. I find the topic "bad boys" cringe and immature, so she has kind of already lost me with those lyrics and I haven't even heard the music.
  2. God Adam Lavine's looks have gone down the drain faaaast. The things he is saying are kinda true. It's just that I've always gotten this douche vibe from him.
  3. We try to hustle 'em, try to bustle 'emTry to cuss 'emThe cops want someoneTo bust down on Orleans Avenue
  4. YES SHE CAN bring jewel also as a guest and sing "Who will save your soul" serving quadruple the facial expressions for each note she hits https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbkdLLSwGE4
  5. I mean, we all choose to believe what we think it's true, and so do you. Why do you think you are on the right side of the story, what proof do you have aside from suspecting? Has Britney addressed her being Involved at all in social media, instagram, or whatever?
  6. It's all becoming a blame game at this point. Lance Bass and his husband are just gossip queens that never had a platform to put their gossip on (like Perez), and they're now asking clouting on Twitter with their "insider" info. I think 80% of what they're saying is bull**** and did not happen, and they are fully aware that Britney is never gonna go and start naming which celebrities she actually talked with and what she talked about - so they might as well say put also an Instagram picture of a gift box with toys that "Britney" sent them. As if Britney would go and ever disprove that Lance will never be redeemed in my eyes - you don't go out and call people conspiracist and that "they don't know what they're talking about" if you're not 100% sure that they're wrong, which obviously he wasn't. Best case scenario, Lance is a super naïve and dumb guy that believes everything he has been told by "close" people (like is he THAT close to Jamie Lynn? has he never questioned her narcissistic ***? Or he just recognized himself too much in that one?). More realistic case, he knew there was something wrong with the conservatorship, but he was complicit because he had nice ties with that family that he wished to maintain for fame. He can **** off
  7. My millennial *** is unsatisfied with this comparison. Loved "edgy" and "rebelling" Avril when I was young. Sure, she was being somewhat of a biyatch, but we have all been immature angsty youngers at one point and then we kinda grow up/mature - but her songs were very relatable for the period where you feel misunderstood and like people do not give you enough credit for your opinions because you are super young. Olivia reminds me of early Taylor Swift - very safe and woke from the get-go and kinda boring and bland as well She is super relatable, but she is more of a sweet girl that matures in more of a - "I hate that some things are happening to me, but such is life, and I gotta keep on fighting". Avril was quite unapologetic about not giving much f|_|cks about doing stupid sh|t.
  8. The same way ***uality can be defined on a scale (between gayness and straightness), you can also claim by your urge/drive whether you feel ***ual, or ****ual. Does it have to be a 1 or 0? Who puts this rule in place? I've met some fairly ****ual (self-claimed) gay guys that desire s** once or twice per year, thus they only crave for the romantic feelings, but not the (s**)ual part. Is it that hard of a concept? Why can't people just be inclusive of accepting whatever a person's feeling without judging them for it.
  9. Dude, you're saying that I should take it easy and then you're fuming and writing in caps lock. I would say I am on the opposite side of the spectrum, and I think what's wrong in the world is that people subconsciously use this type of opinions stemming from internalized homophobia without regards that they may be hurting people. Saying: I want my man to act like a man, means there's a lesser kind of a man out there, ones not worthy of equal appreciation. Are they not worthy? Would you think that a straight man saying "I want my girl to act like a girl" is not hurtful? Also, that whole phrase of "man behaving like a man" is being used by a lot of homophobic people that have problems with people being (openly) gay (what would our children think?). Now, I am not putting words in your mouth - and you can be attracted and hook-up/date whomever you choose to, nobody can make you go after a thing you don't like. The whole point of my post is not about you not being able to have an opinion (women pop/diva tattoos on (gay) men are ugly), or that you can't express it. (I also said I don't like face's tattoos in general). What is hurtful in your words is that you don't like something ----because--- "IT SCREAMS I'M HERE AND I'M QUEER", as if a thing being a common LGBT mark/sign can be a reasonable thing for someone to cite it as a reason for their dislike. I understand your point is not to shame anyone, but words can be powerful, and you seem to be misinterpreting the point of it all. I'm not putting any words in your mouth. I was only expressing my opinion about your sentences you said and how they sounded like. Take from that what you will.
  10. How did this topic go from britney tattoos to people's opinions that a pop diva's face on a man's body makes somebody scream they're gay. Really sad that some people still want to openly diminish that openly gay feminine guys are on the lower side of attractiveness just by adding "in your opinion" at the end. Would you say the same about a race? Like, would you say: "I know all races are equally worthy but I still want for my other half to be a white guy or behave like a white guy" Don't do that ****. We have come so far to still use such foul language. Leave that for Grindr. On topic: I was considering to get Brit's fairy tattoo at one point, but I am unsure of whether I mesh well with tattoo aesthetics in general. My whole family is super against tattoos and has trashed talk people with tattoos (which I hate they do because they're influencing me). Nevertheless, I have kinda moved on from the idea of the Britney's tattoo and I got another artist that I want to treasure. I do think subtle tattoos and references/metaphors/objects from specific eras for me are cuter than full-drawn faces.
  11. Same girl, became a fan of hers this exact era Nothing can top it - my faves are actually the mid-tempo ones: Leave Me Lonely, Knew Better/Forever Boy, Sometimes, Moonlight (albeit Honeymoon Avenue beats this one), Thinking About You.... and of course, Touch It and Into You are gems! I always thought that Dangerous Woman beat and chords are a bit too similar to Christina Aguilera's Walk Away (which is the superior song tbh) I actually thought Sweetener was somewhat lukewarm, but I ended up becoming a big fan of that era as well. She lost me with TUN and Positions though. P.S. I lowkey think Side to Side is trash
  12. Sugarfall is deffo an favorite unreleased, and for all the right reasons. Blackout's B sides make a great album just by themselves With that being said, I do prefer the general public do not see the raunchiest of the raunchy lyrics since I do think she always presented a very elegant innocence (or walking along the line between ***iness and innocence) even at the wildest of songs, so we can just have these songs like Pull Out as precious hidden gems that do not have to be known by the general public.
  13. It deffo might be the first time I actually follow The Voice! I feel like she has a woke, quirky, but still fun type of personality. (her last album was super boring, so good for her that she's diversifying a bit). It is also quite fitting that she's on a show called "The Voice", since she doesn't have much going in the performance department if not for the Zumba moves and arms stretches.
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