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    Here to reminisce - to go back to a very specific moment in time where every one didn’t know everything. There was still this curtain that hadn’t yet been lifted. The backdrops and visual effects weren't something people could duplicate at home and upload to YouTube. Now a days, we know everything. We know how it’s made, where its from, how its done ... step by step. The mystique is gone. Here to appreciate the moments we all probably took for granted 😫
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  1. Who would be interested in cohosting a podcast? I'm looking to do a deep dive into some Britney related topics that haven't been covered much in other podcasts. There are some things that, for me, I just can't quite put my finger on and .. I could talk about for hours 😬 I'm just putting this out there and seeing what happens! When it comes to format and all of that I have somewhat of an idea, but that can be something we work on together. https://forms.gle/mhkrGDcsqhjmMRmZ8
  2. Thanks for the input! Anything else come to mind?
  3. Previous exhale post! I know there are some creative die hard fans on here. Let’s do this.
  4. Ahh yes, I posted about this awhile back. I thought it was an interesting listen. https://www.breatheheavy.com/exhale/index.php?/topic/762870-objective-look-what-happened/#comment-16400159
  5. It saved her estate for sure. She could of lost everything .. (including her life, yes, I agree) I think a temporary conservatorship would of been appropriate . Again, even if people were/are refusing to believe it “wasn’t THAT bad” and “she was just rebelling” .. okay fine, let’s put her state of mind aside for a second — She would of lost everything .. not to mention she was surrounded by sycophants. She was lonely. Her cousin, “friends”, whatever .. Who knows how that would of turned out. It happens all the time. In a matter of years..it could of all been gone. So I’m glad that someone did something but I wish it could of been a temporary situation. She wasn’t well..the associated press (one of the most well respected reputable news organizations in the world) admitted they prepared an obituary for her. That’s what the majority of professionals, the majority of the industry, and the majority of the public were bracing themselves for. It was terrifying. Do I think she needs a conservatorship now? No. But @ the time .. Look at the other people this has happened to. Where are they now? Anyways .. I pray to god she’s able to be free (whatever that looks like for her. I think we all want her to find peace and feel some relief. Of course we all want her to be happy .. but personally, even more than that, I want her to experience some JOY again...that’s what’s missing from her smile - JOY. Happiness is fleeting .. Joy is something different. That’s all I want. Love you guys. ❤️)
  6. Hey! I need your help. Okay so yesterday I found out my doc is increasing my dose of poison.. I mean treatment ?. it starts THIS week. (It’s all good. I got this. Ha) BUT .. the reason I’m telling you guys is because I honestly need to get my mind off of it and do something. Create something. & since I’m not supposed to be working, how about a small fun creative project? That’s where you come in! 2000-2004 In terms of “Era’s” - Oops, Britney, ITZ Think about Britney ON and (more importantly) OFF the stage What comes to mind? *keywords* For Example : *MTV (special after special after special) *White (always white ?) Mercedes *Cheetos *Marlboro Lights *Fedora’s *That “SEXSI” white crop top *Crossroads *That dainty cross necklace Other moments/memories : *Pinky and Stinky (relationship) *KFed (relationship) *Diane Sawyer *Chaotic *FELICIA .. ☺️ That’s just a small list of random people places and things that I associate with 2000-2004. Of course something like the snake would be on the list, but that’s too obvious lol. *Something she wore (something specific or just a signature style of something she wore at the time) *Something she did *Somewhere she went (it could be a restaurant, a store or .. whatever!) *Something (idc how big or small) that she always had with her When you look back on those specific eras, what do you see? They don’t have to super long list’s. I’m going to work in Illustrator and design “kits”. Maybe do a custom icon set for each year ? Hell, maybe I’ll break um down and turn them into Facebook or iMessage stickers .. Who knows! For now, here’s what I’m trying to do .. (image linked below) https://ibb.co/hZ9sbLV (it’s like a starter pack!) It’s not exactly what I’m going for stylistically speaking so ignore the aesthetic .. But do you see what I’m sayin? Starter pack, a kit, whatever you wanna call it lol I still want to do my bigger Britney project, but until I find 1-2 designers/creatives to help facilitate, I’m doing this. It’s fun. It’s easy. It’s gonna keep my mind off of other bullshit. So .. make a list below! 2000 : 2001 : 2002 : 2003 : 2004 : If you think of some for 2002 or 2003 but not 2001? No worries. Whatever you can do! Any and all help is much appreciated. I will include your name on Behance and any other place I post the final project. LETS DO THIS TOGETHER! ??❤️
  7. check the description!??‍♀️ doubt it
  8. Overprotected Remix, overall. *Her makeup is beautiful in Stronger *Her body was slaying in Slave ... Just a couple thoughts!
  9. Its been linked, talked about, appreciated, etc but .. I'll never get over it(z).
  10. Like mine? Just copy and paste the youtube link ..
  11. Does anyone have the full version of this? If it's even available? Thanks so much ?
  12. That look ?? YAAAS Heres to some future fierce performances .. Because I know she's still in there.
  13. Link isn't working but is it "what really happened"? I posted that last year. Sorry can't see it
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