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  1. Sugarfall is deffo an favorite unreleased, and for all the right reasons. Blackout's B sides make a great album just by themselves With that being said, I do prefer the general public do not see the raunchiest of the raunchy lyrics since I do think she always presented a very elegant innocence (or walking along the line between ***iness and innocence) even at the wildest of songs, so we can just have these songs like Pull Out as precious hidden gems that do not have to be known by the general public.
  2. It deffo might be the first time I actually follow The Voice! I feel like she has a woke, quirky, but still fun type of personality. (her last album was super boring, so good for her that she's diversifying a bit). It is also quite fitting that she's on a show called "The Voice", since she doesn't have much going in the performance department if not for the Zumba moves and arms stretches.
  3. That is not a basic logo, otherwise you would not be having Justin Bieber's team going out of their way to hire the exact same artist that did it. Justice is an amazing band and if I were them I wouldn't want to be connected to Bieber either, they are DJs doing frech electronic music and they have a very well respected album (can't say they followed up with same success with the newer ones though). You can't just come and infringe on something that is trademarked and you are paying for. I can very possibly see they either settle this and earn a bunch of money below the table from Biebs, or otherwise Biebs will have to change the artwork for France (and any other country that is trademarked in)
  4. The thing with Fiona is - she's a singer-songwriter - she composes the songs, and she writes extraordinary, vulnerable and political songs (I'd say lyrically she's an unparalleled force tbh). Criminal was her first biggest hit, and she wrote most of her first album when she was 16. Her first two records were very pop-like (Tidal and possiby the general fan favorite one - When The Pawn). She entered to a wonkier side with Extraordinary Machine (I think her least acclaimed album, but the Jon Brion's version of that album has some crazy *** arrangements, but she kinda sometimes drowned in them - so the official released version of that album is not that BIG and smashing). My favorite song of hers is actually from that album Then she entered a percussions wonky era where she is all over the place, but artistically she takes a lot of bold steps - and this is where The Idler Wheel (2013) and Fetch The Bolt Cutters (2020) come. You really need a bit more time to digest those two albums (so don't expect to fall in love with almost any of them during first listens), but the songs are awesome. If you really want to enter Fiona's world I'd say go with the albums chronologically to get her persona and her evolution. She's a very positive warrior with a recluse personality (who was a victim of r*** and developed bulimia to become super skinny and undesirable so nobody would desire her so she has been through a lot of battles). She's a genius really, with a particular personality that really just doesn't match with what the music industry asks of singers.
  5. I do have trouble with some of Brit's songs as well, but luckily they aren't the most streamed or celebrated ones. I haven't really tried to get into them enough. I wasn't trying to be rude, they are well liked and all of the members seem very sweet, intelligent and self-aware, but those song lyrics are none of that (and quite the opposite). It's a revenge song for an ex you haven't gotten over, thinking you could hurt them/make them jealous with putting out their dirty laundry after they have ended the relationship, masked as a "power" anthem for self-love. I chose my exes, and surely some of them were toxic, but girl, if you have faked enjoying ***/faking it for years, then surely some of the blame is on you.
  6. That is one of the most childish songs, and it made me dislike them as a band, but hooray, I guess.
  7. But there's also always the question of beards. I don't think Jason has a "handsome" face. He is rugged looking without the beard, tho his eyes are definitely striking. I do not find attractive that 17 y/o old looking boy either. Nevertheless, I feel like a list of top 100 most handsome faces in itself is celebrating/awarding people just because of genetics which is kinda wrong, but the thing they're trying to do with inclusivity in the specter of younger/older and anywhere from fem to masc is actually good, celebrating different types of male beauty.
  8. You are 15% basic. You're trying to impress with some obscure tracks like Echo In The Canyon. Nobody's fooled.. You're stuck in the 1990s. You've gotta get over Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands by Elliott Smith. The answers are a bit generic from the things I've read on this thread, but I approve of my basicness score
  9. You really had to go and look in the deepest darkest corners of the web to find this studio version of Beyonce that she probably took hundreds takes to make. Call me when she delivers as great of a vocal performance as Gomez does on all her tours
  10. Her melisma is truly out of this world, her fermatas are super heavy and her head voice is unheard of
  11. This thread is a disgrace. How can you compare these two at all? You are only allowed to compare Selena to the greatest of the greatest (Whitney, maybe Mariah), but Beyonce? It's such an insult to the angelic queen Selena. Despicable
  12. Beyonce and her father are it again. Rigging this thread and votes like they haves been rigging her songwriting skills and buying her grammies. Of course Selena is superior all the way, dancing, vocals, technique. Her first pop-rock album (with the one and only The Scene) was SO mature for a new up and coming artist and her true inspiration and influence were Paramore! She sure has made Paramore proud.
  13. If it wasn't for Britney being all **** at the top of the career, the overtly ***ualized steamy video, the performance and her being barely legal that song would have tanked big. It was really a super slow grower for me, and all of the previously mentioned facts helped it to cement the growing. Otherwise, I don't think the song on its own has that much replay value as a radio friendly hit - it has a bit of a weird structure and the melody is not the catchiest. P.S. Before I'm attacked, I personally LOVE the song. But that song underperformed with the general public for a lead single and I think Janet couldn't have been able to save it.
  14. I mean - she might be just unfamiliar with what's happening with Britney or what her conservatorship entails, so it's better to be hush. She could get acquainted and then answer later down the road (if she gets asked again) - but at the time of this interview, she didn't know much. Would you prefer she faked/manipulated an answer in the sense of - "yes, I fully support the movement of Free Britney", without knowing what that movement represents? I do think she could have possibly asked a question/showed more interest about the movement and made a statement in regards to what she would have been told, but her statement is miles away from inappropriate.
  15. Criminal is an iconic hit song even to this day. It was used in the movie Hustlers, alongside Gimme More. Fiona hates publicity and is a loner - she rarely leaves her house, and you won't find her anywhere on social media. Moreover, she has been *****, has battled anorexia (without trying to gain sympathy from public like miss. Selena) and she vents a lot of her anger through her songs - her lyrics are pure poetry btw! Anyhow, her earlier albums were more pop-yish and flow easier to the ears, but her subsequent ones are the ones more acclaimed by the critics. If you want to go for an easier ride try: Criminal, Paper Bag, I know, Never is a promise, I want you to love me, Not About Love, Carrion - she's one of the greatest (alternative) pop artists that is unfortunately considered too alt to be included in pop categories.
  16. She has always been an outspoken artist that didn't take no **** from anybody. An iconic speech at the 1997 VMA's: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVHQJlogH0k&ab_channel=Urisu She's also one of the greatest singer-songwriters and an amazing piano player! Exhale should know better than to bully an important pop culture feminist.
  17. Everybody in Hollywood knows and approves when other people get botox, but none of them has ever tried it. Also, all of them are not against one day maybe getting it, but who would they ever ask for advice when none of them have tried it. Poor celebrities.
  18. Hey mate, yapp, I am playing pokemon, I am level 40 and living in Portugal. I can invite you to a raid one of these days! I also need an Azelf as well. Can you share your friend code? Greets
  19. Ageism at its finest. People being older makes them unable to give their opinion about a stupid documentary? I am glad Sean is enjoying himself, whatevs. The documentary seems boring AF and he hasn't had enough of a successful career to create an appealing one.
  20. I didn't leave my country up until last year and I came from the capital. Sure, there are/were gay echo chambers (and their allies) - but the overall consensus is hardly positive (overwhelmingly negative). I guess I cannot claim things for Belgrade, since I'm not from Serbia, but you putting all gays leaving their country in a basket of whiny people that want to complain is super ****ed up and inaccurate. We felt and we lived through discrimination and hatred before we left it, otherwise I would be more than happy to say that I come from a loving place.
  21. LGBTI Rights good at the balkans? Where? All gay people I know my age have either left their country (me included) or are planning to, partially because of money, but also partially bcz they can't live openly (the serbians being one of the more aggressive nations on the balkans)
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