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Britney can (and should) start doing original routines for her new show

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Not even being delusional but Britney in 2015,2016, and some moments last year that she is still a good performer and still has it in her.

After watching her M+Ms tour where she was in way worse performing shape (both physically and in terms of dancing), Britney nailed bits of her original choreography, choreography that I think she can nail if she brings it back now.


Current Britney has already proved that she can still do her old choreography pretty well


Image result for britney slave 4 u billboard gif




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1 minute ago, Noah Fatale said:

she can, but she won't :bang:

she's a mom now :bang:

she doesn't care about performing or fame anymore :bang:

all she cares about is her kids, sam, and her instagram fashion shows :bang:

Obviously she does care about performing or her performances now wouldnt be better than they were four years ago.

The only problem is shes still doing piece of me but it's pretty much confirmed she's doing a new vegas show next year

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1 minute ago, Gambler said:

IA but I think she doesn't want to, she does the slave break just bc its iconic I think, but we have proofs that she doesn't want to revisit her past (despite her GH show that its about music)

I think if she was given the choreo she'd do it. She does a bit of the original bomt choreo now, did slave on fft, did original research toxic choreo on the circus tour

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TBH I don't want anything recycled. She should do new and fresh choreographies but with the right moves but I don't expect any changes in the POM world tour, it would be basically what we have seen with some wardrobe changes (which she will manage to cut them until look like underwear) and some additional songs or replacements with some Glory tracks which tbh honest ANY GLORY TRACK requires that much of dancing, maybe DYWCO or BETTER at the most. So wrong era and wrong album to bring actual choreography. :kyliecry:

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1 hour ago, David Rose said:

Nah, I'd prefer fresh routines that are actually challenging and engaging. Classic routines are great but I want literally everything about her next show to be brand spankin new.

I agree, but I think she should retain those eñements of the original choreography  just to show that she can still do it  

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