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is 2018 going to be her year?


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so in 2018 it'll be her 20th year. which is either going to be HER YEAR and will release a very good album or another (Piece of Me) boring year. cuz the secret project seems like a Clothing line? :imok:


her 10th she gave us the unforgettable (Circus) so is she gonna dominate 2018? 

this comment made me think


Queen sounds amazing  terrible song through. Britney is coming for 2018!
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3 hours ago, RATCHET❤ said:


there's hard competition 

There was stiff competition in 2008, there was stiff competition for Mariah in 2005, there was stiff competition for pink this year. People love a comeback, and if Britney really wanted to orchestrate one, she could. Im not saying it wouldn’t be hard, I’m not saying it’s likely, but the gp like Britney, her radio friendly music, her personality, her shows, etc. so she could do it if she wanted to. 

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