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Throwback: Blender Magazine 2004

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4 minutes ago, portrait said:

wtf :gloria: 

me looking at this picture: :calculating: 



Just now, mauureee said:

I remember the drama of that cover using another model and pasting britney's face to it 


Who'd think we would get used to it with her oficial pics :tiffcackle:

The obvious photoshop is obvious haha :tiffcackle:

Team B obviously took notice form that cover :tiffcackle:

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Guest thanos18
2 hours ago, DJSLAYZEE said:


funny story- my grandma found this in my room and sat me down when I came home after class cause she thought it was a playboy magazine :selenerz: 

reminds me of this britney-spears-wow.jpg

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On her wrist she wears the same Kabbalah inspired red thread that Madonna wears. “It’s supposed to ward off evil and people judging you and constantly giving you the evil eye,” Spears says. “Once it’s had as much as it can take, it falls off.”

She fingers it, “It’s supposed to fall off every six months. Mine falls off every other day,” she deadpans.


One of my favourite quotes from this interview.

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1 hour ago, GrotesqueDiva said:

I don't really buy Britney magazines, but I do have this one, damn, she looks hot.

I love this photoshoot, still one of my faves of her.

Plus this interview was her big **** YOU to floptina aguilard XD

I had this and the Rolling Stone one of that era. Both of those were juicy af

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1 hour ago, GrotesqueDiva said:

All began when Christina said that Britney and Beyonce weren't true artists, because they need gimmicks like the VMA kiss for people to notice them.
When the intervie guy told this to Britney she said:
"you know what Christina? I'm sick of the fake bullshit, you're scary and I feel dark when I get around you"
Britney also said that christina kissed her on the mouth on a pub, and that disgusted her. 




Xtina is rich for saying that.... werent you also kissing Madonna. But look who has Vegas residencies, still making charting and most importantly GOOD music, touring - Britney and Beyonce

and i love xtina, hope she comes back hard with her new era but that was part of her demise. Her nasty attitude

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