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Jenna Jameson on Britney

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36 minutes ago, Mantequilla said:

What minute? or what did she say? This is too ******* long.

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2 minutes ago, The Holy Spearit said:

Um sis we're gonna need a time stamp but Jenna Jameson is one interesting woman. I saw a gif of her felching from her butthole :sassybrit:

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36 minutes ago, Girl On The Moon said:

What did she say? Ain't nobody got time to watch that video sis

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9 minutes ago, The Holy Spearit said:

Just watched and Jenna is basically saying Britney was eye raping her and owned a Jenna p0rn dvd. Idk if I believe this. Bisexualney in the closet? Even though she denied being attracted to women in 2003? Liarney? Guiltyney? Nahh I'm not buying this story. This story took place in 2002 since she mentions the Nyla restaurant. I do remember the rumor of jenna jameson and Britney being a thing in 2002 but it was quickly debunked :wyd: Idk maybe this could be partially true but I think jenna is fabricating a bit.

She really was there that night. I feel like something about Britney is that shes always been a very curious, ****** girl. I can totally see her being into Jenna around 2003.

Jenna went to see her during her Onyx tour. 

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2 minutes ago, The Holy Spearit said:

I'm not denying that she was at Nyla since I've seen these photos but I think she exaggerated her story a bit like how Britney was eye raping her. Jenna is just fishing for compliments. Over the years she's always been knowing for being manipulative too. 

Well tbh considering the trash Britney has chosen to sleep with throughout the years, Jenna is a step up above them.

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I think Britney was intrigued by her. I mean it was mentioned many times during her ****** peak she would go into strip clubs and watch girls dance (to get inspired) 

You can be a attracted to women but not want to sleep with them per say. 2007ney totally would have though if she didn't with that one chick. 


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Guest I Think I'm Ready Now

Big deal, most women will feel attracted by another woman at least once in their life  

I know it's unusual for straight men to like other men, but women don't feel as disgusted by other women :outwithit:

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5 hours ago, The Holy Spearit said:

Bisexualney in the closet? Even though she denied being attracted to women in 2003?


*****... Britney was publicly dating her female assistant back in '06/'07. I don't remember her name, but there's pictures of them making out in a pool, and you're gonna sit here and act like Britney's straight just because she said she was? Like how she said she was a virgin when she wasn't? Or how she always sings live? Britney is a liar. We know this.

5 hours ago, weedly said:




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