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  1. Mariah did, and it played into her 2001 meltdown! The only year in the 1990's she didn't release an album was 1996, but even then she released Always Be My Baby!
  2. Honestly, everything moved faster than I thought! Here's hoping there's no blind spots, or evil twists!
  3. Rumors were that he was on drugs at the time! Drugs might have played a part at the time of the balcony controversy! That and his need to have a Simba moment!
  4. I agree with THIS! It isn't 1998 anymore, where you can debut at #86 and end up at #2 four weeks later!
  5. I agree with THIS! It isn't 1998 anymore, where you can debut at #86 and end up at #2 four weeks later!
  6. I don't hate her, because she has said nothing about me! But, to be quite fair to others, she did have an insufferable energy about her! I do believe that people can grow and change, but I also believe that once you scare others away, it's really hard to win them back!
  7. 1964 to 1984. But, it was still okay all the way until 1996. There was no peak, just personal opinions!
  8. Oh no, I LOOOVVVE Scorpios! I just have a bad history with the nasty/bad ones! I've only had three bad relationships with Scorpios, but about 15 REALLY GOOD ones with them!
  9. I generally don't like Bandwagon hate, because I think it's nasty and one-sided! But, Katy Perry is just so nasty, sharp, and reminds me of my hard-headed Scorpio brother so much, that I don't want anything to do with her! She's those types of people that get off on ****ing with people, with her foot on their head! So, she can go away now!
  10. Nick Jonas, because he has nice *** arms, and his energy is ****! Although, they both can come to bed with me tonight!
  11. Maybe he did love her, we'll never know 100%. I think that he was just emotionally and mentally immature, probably!
  12. I think he thought she was hot and moderately liked her as a person, but I don't think that he loved her. He, and Justin, got to be with her when she was the hottest girl/young woman in the world, from 1998 to 2004! I mean, at least 50% of straight guys were lusting over her! Justin and Kevin Federline were truly lucky!
  13. Yeah, women or men, human beings are still very flawed! As Madonna did have a song called Human Nature.
  14. Madonna can't win. If a 'nobody' said this, people would ignore the person/her, but if Madonna says it, she's 'privileged' and 'entitled'. I'm not calling out anyone on this forum/website, just human nature, in general! I'm glad she said it, because someone who has a position would get more attention, and also, what she says is at least partly true!
  15. The paparazzi thing/mental breakdown wasn't karma, it was the paparazzi taking advantage of a mentally unbalanced young woman! I don't think Britney is perfect, or a saint. That's what I'll say.
  16. He needs to let me sit on his lap! Come to me daddy, come to me.
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