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Did Anyone go to Vegas Alone?

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I am thinking of going to Vegas alone to see Britney sometime in October. Did any female on here ever go to Vegas alone to see Britney?

I am a bit scared to travel 5+ hours on a plane alone and be in a new state just for 2-3 days.

Any advice?


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Guest Edge Of Clockin' You

Oh definitely go. Travelling alone is scary until u step on the plane. Flying alone is one of my fav experiences, been doing it since I was 9.

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Guest Edge Of Clockin' You
Just now, brintyjoan said:

Since u were 9?:girlwhat: are u an orphan?

Lmao no, but I've always kind of ahead of my age so my parents would let me do stuff like that, during the first times they'd have to pay a member of staff to make sure I got on the place and one member of staff from the airport i was arriving at to take me from the plane and deliver me to my family waiting, but that was for like twice, nowadays I'm 16 and travelling alone is actually easier than catching a train to London, got lost the other day and ended up in some flop UK city:tiffsmoke:

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Just now, BionicNY said:

Thanks Guys :) I am not worried about attending the concert alone. i have no problem with that. I am just worried about flying 5 hours alone to a state where there is no one to meet you. 

Dont worry, it'll just be like taking the bus or train but in the air. Have so much fun!

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