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Britney Spears on the Side of a West Hollywood Hotel


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So I think this may have been posted a couple weeks ago, but my story is cool and faded and thus makes it different enough to almost be an original post. :queenflopga:

AnTyways... :lemmetellu:

I have a relatively new internship in West Hollywood, CA and there was the fun little mixer happening at this trendy hotel on Sunset Blvd. When my coworkers and I pulled up to the hotel for parking, I saw this:


I didn't realize that I'd be in the presence of God, so I said a prayer (aka sang Gimme More) and then snapped this pic! :scalped:

Relevent queen slaying hotel billboards 20 years after her debut! :queenflopga: None of the other pop peasants — I mean girls :tiffanynod: — were on billboards or the sides of hotels. :tiffcackle:

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