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Can someone pls explain to me the first sentence of womanizer

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4 minutes ago, ShowdownITZ said:

I remember watching that, I was so sad when she said that :bthink: it makes her look like she knows nothing about her music.

She just doesn’t care for it, lol. It’s just bubblegum pop. She’s said she hates Oops in interviews before. It speaks volumes that she didn’t perform it at the Circus Tour or Femme Fatale Tour.

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Guest Brichney.

She calls him that, you know how some dudes are? The pu$$y hound type, they're so good at getting girls to fall for them and act like they're superstars! Usually, everyone knows they're **** boys because of their bad rep. When they meet a new girl, who's clueless of who they are, they act all "brand new" and pull this mask to play her out. She's telling him that she sees through his BS. I know wut chew ahhh, wut chew ahhh, baybay.


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