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what are your top tours?

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14 minutes ago, inthefields said:

mine are Confessions and DWAD

I went to both of these and they were amazing. For me, out of the ones that I've been to, my faves were (based on the actual show):

Britney - BOMT Tour
Britney - DWAD Tour
Britney - Circus Tour
(but really all of Britney's, I also saw OIDIA Tour and FF Tour)

Madonna - Confessions Tour
Madonna - MDNA Tour

Kylie - For You, For Me Tour
Kylie - Aphrodite Live Tour

Janet Jackson - All For You Tour

Rihanna - Last Girl On Earth Tour

Gwen Stefani - The Sweet Escape Tour

The Spice Girls - Return of the Spice Girls Tour

JLo - All I Have (Vegas residency but still an amazing show)

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