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When did Britney stop feeling like a 'big deal'?

When did Britney stop feeling like a 'big deal'?  

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honestly it seemed like from 2012-2016 she wasn't a big deal

but I think glory really turned her whole image around

before it was kind of embarrassing to admit you were listening to Britney

but now most people seem to see her in a good light even if they aren't fans. :)

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Since she wrote and sung:

"Nothing seems to be the way that it used to. Everything seems shallow". And God hacer ver TRUTH. ;)

So... you "fans" need to see way more than the name Britney gives.  If you really are hardcore "fans", obviously. :sassybrit:

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I would say probably 2012-2013.

I think that the Femme Fatale era definitely damaged her image/reputation, HOWEVER, there was so much hype around her joining the X Factor. She got paid LOADS of money to do it, and Scream & Shout was a huge hit. But I think as 2013 progressed, things just sort of petered out...

I think in some ways, releasing S&S in 2012, along with Ooh La La in 2013 kinda killed the buzz for a new single in 2013. There wasn't that much hype for WB coming out. 

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I dunno I mean... It was a wake-up call when WB didn't go to #1. After Womanizer, 3, HIAM and S&M all going to #1 within three years, I thought that people would massively care about WB. Not going top 10 was a surprise. And then BJ peaking at #4 was a huge shock. However... in 2014, her Vegas sales were better than I thought and people seemed to really be into POM.

The Glory era flopped pretty badly and it does seem like she isn't as big of a deal lately. I mean I love the album and the SP video was great and POM 2.0 is a pretty good show... But the GP isn't interested in this era. 

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Femme Fatale had a few songs that did well with the GP but it was around that time that I felt like she wasn't a "big deal" with the public anymore. Circus caused a little interest since it was the first release post-breakdown (and Womanizer did really well) but she wasn't the huge iconic popstar of her prime anymore. She was past that before Blackout. I'll be honest, I can name TWO friends that listened to Glory and zero that even knew about Britney Jean. All of my friends outgrew her long before the FF era, tbh. I also have two teenage step-kids (ages 17 and 14) and they know of BOMT, OIDIA, Toxic,  and Till The World Ends and that's about it. Obviously, they were babies during her prime but anytime I mention her, they literally have no idea she was as big as she was. When Glory came out, I told the older one about it and she said "I had no idea she was still making music, no one my age knows much about her" :girlwhat: Even worse, when she performed Make Me at the VMAs, they were completely underwhelmed and mentioned how no one likes her anymore because she doesn't sing live/her baby voice is annoying and there's nothing about her that stands out. MY HEART YALL. :triggered:If they could have seen Primeney,  their minds would be blown.

Anyways, I hate being so negative! I just feel like she kinda faded from the GP's radar (in terms of releasing new music) before the FF era. She was no longer the big, huge deal she once was starting around 2005 imo. That's when the landscape of the industry really began to change. Plus, that's when her and Kevin were a thing and all the public was concerned about was her marriage, not her music. During the breakdown, she was obviously a big deal, but for all the wrong reasons. I'd say her career as she knew it simply changed after ITZ.


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I'd say 2004 was the last year Britney was a big deal as a popstar. 2008 was her last year of being a big deal as the infamous celebrity/talbloid star she had become. 

After that, she fell into this role of 'former wildly successful popstar who had a meltdown and now is a shadow of her former self'. Which is what people see her as. A hasbeen and a nostalgia act. She could change this, but keeps doing the same old thing.

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X-Factor damaged her star power and it did nothing for the good of her career/personal life except from Scream & Shout. I think that S&S and Work ***** (with time, of course) are the things the GP considers as the last big things from Britney.

Hoping she has another #1 hit TBH. I won't lose hope for B10.

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