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Who current would you like her to work with?


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Calvin Harris for a club banger, Lana Del Rey for an introspective song, Weeknd for something **** or Shakira for a reggaeton-inspired track because Britney has a huge following in Latin America and people would go insane (and I really think their voices would go along perfectly and they would really get comfortable working together because Shakira is a sweetheart and a mom). :yesplease:

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Lana Del Rey in terms of dueting. Weeknd would be cool, tho I'm not fond of him, but it would probably be a hit.

I would love something new from William Orbit, he's amazing, and Garrix would be a smash. :hipney:

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I don't think Britney needs collabs to be successful, she just needs to put in the work.  If I had to pick anyone, I'd say Nick Jonas, Calvin Harris, Rihanna and lastly but not super fond of is the Wkend. I would love for her to work with certain producers again like Danja, (blackout is a masterpiece) and maybe David Guetta. Glory is an amazing album but she needs to pull back to her classic pop with a bit of EDM that's where she is successful.

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