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Interview look equals Grammy Party Look

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1 hour ago, zlatt said:

Yes also her face aged but the main problem is obviously the make-up. I don´t understand how it is possible for a A-list star to have a make-up artist like this :nothavingit:

I think she looks right for her age, when she is make up free she doesn't look older to me. She does look older with these shitty make ups :nothavingit:

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She looks gorgeous either way and as long as Britney herself feels **** and confident that's what matters in the end. But yes - she looked flawless at the VMAs 2016 and it just goes to show that if she has the right makeup person she looks barely any different from 10 years ago. I think the VMAs red-carpet look  was my favorite look of hers in forever.

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14 hours ago, OopsOverprotected said:

Here she looks so much like on the Pre-Grammy-Party 2017.


She is literally a mystery. 
Sometimes she looks like VMA 2016 Britney & like on Jonathan Ross interview and sometimes like this. How can one person look so different haha I'm confused.

Is it the lighting? The Makeup? What is it?


Her make up was horrid on both occasions. She's such a beauty, but this is the worst she's looked in years :(

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